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Trinium Wars Is a Glorious Mess

Recently I had the good fortune to obtain a free key for the Steam early access of the new sci-fi MMO Trinium Wars. The buzz around the game was not good, but the post-apocalyptic setting intrigued, so I resolved to give it a try with an open mind.

A landscape in the MMORPG Trinium Wars

What followed was one of the most bizarre experiences of my whole MMO career. Follow me down the rabbit hole, friends.

Chasing the rabbit:

The basic concept behind Trinium Wars is actually pretty interesting. After a nuclear holocaust during the third world war, Earth was devastated, and only a handful of humans managed to escape into the depths of space… Continue reading

The Case Against MMORPG Button Bloat

Like the “holy trinity” of group roles and tab targeting versus action combat, the issue of button bloat in MMORPGs remains a hot topic in the community, with strong opinions on both sides.

An overloaded action bar in World of Warcraft

Button bloat refers to the habit of certain MMOs — especially older and more traditional titles like World of Warcraft, Rift, and Star Wars: The Old Republic — to cover the action bars of every class and every character with dozens of different abilities, many of them niche utility skills that are rarely used, as opposed to the much smaller sets of abilities seen in games like Elder Scrolls Online, Neverwinter, or The Secret World.

Action… Continue reading

Crafting Deserves Center Stage Attention

All too many MMORPGs are quick to list crafting and gathering as a key feature, when it’s really little more than an afterthought. Weaponsmithing, armorsmithing, alchemy, fletcher, engineering, cabinet making, pottery, flower picking, ant farming, whatever. These crafting (and gathering) skills are rarely used for more than a stopgap in equipment, some quirky fun items, or for a handful of actually useful consumables. They are secondary minigame for players to indulge in but can almost always be safely ignored. Even more rare is the MMORPG that allows crafting players to devote their entire character to the role. Ultimately, crafting vastly underwhelms players for a variety of reasons.

It’s pretty rare that MMOs integrate crafting so that in order to wear the best equipment, interaction with crafting in some manner… Continue reading