phoenix point game like xcom

Nine Upcoming Games Like XCOM

EDIT: I reached out to the developers of all of the below games for comments and corrections. I ...
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The ending of The Secret World's Whispering Tide event

Can MMOs Provide Satisfying Endings?

I've been thinking about endings lately. About how and if MMOs can end. I'm not talking about when ...
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Female avatar in Guild Wars 2

Gender Perception in MMOs

"I myself merely play female characters sometimes, and many times when I’m on those characters, people assume that ...
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elder scrolls online new content

Longevity of Gaming

Longevity is a funny thing. It's feels great to dive into a game and really get your money's ...
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A shot from the sandbox MMORPG Black Desert

Why MMOs Are Good

We spend a lot of time here criticizing MMOs and their community. And that's not a bad thing ...
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A shot from The Matrix Online

Five MMOs That Died Young

The sad reality is that MMOs aren't forever. Someone has to pay to keep the servers online, and ...
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neverwinter good mmorpg with friends screenshot

8 Good MMORPGs to Play With Friends

I've slowly come to an important realization. The time in my life where I could truly dedicate myself ...
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The Greater Evil: Gold Sellers or Toxic Players?

As MMORPGs have carved out their sizable hole in the video game industry, they've attracted all sorts of ...
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The original Dark and Light MMORPG, circa 2006

The Strange Saga of Dark and Light

Often times the stories behind MMOs are at least as interesting as the games themselves. It's one of ...
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A diagram of Bartle's player types

Time to Move on from the Bartle Types?

If you've spent any time at all in the MMO community, you're probably familiar with the Bartle taxonomy ...
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A boss fight in World of Warcraft

Are MMOs Too Easy?

There are many perennial debates that rage eternal within the MMORPG community. Lockboxes. The trinity. And the question, ...
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World of Warcraft stocks

Why You Should Invest in Video Games, Like Now

I love video games. You probably do too or you wouldn't be reading this (but hey, everyone is ...
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A high level character shows off their gear in World of Warcraft

Stepping off the Treadmill: Alternatives to Gear

Honesty time: I have had enough of gear. The concept of continually acquiring new and better equipment lies ...
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The new Crystal Oasis zone in Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire

Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire Preview Shows Promise

I have a strange and complicated history with Guild Wars 2. Like a lot of people, I fell ...
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A Dark Elf templar in Elder Scrolls Online

Six Greatest MMORPG Character Creators

If you're anything like me, you can get lost in MMORPG character creators, spending great lengths of time ...
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