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Humble Freedom Bundle Quick Games Review (All 60 Games)

Holy crap there’s a lot of games in the Humble Freedom Bundle. I’ve taken a short break from MMOs to play all of them this week. I’m glad to say that there aren’t any bad games in the bundle, but sad to say there’s not enough time to play everything fully. As we live in a time of plenty for video games, I’ve sorted all of the games into four tiers to help bundle buyers figure out what to play.

Platinum Games

Everyone should try these out.

the witness

The Witness – WOW! In the Witness you learn how to solve puzzles by completing other puzzles with no instruction. Often times you’ll need to be very observant… Continue┬áreading

Press 3 to Cast Fireball for 2 Hours to Gain 1 Level. No.

Why, oh why must I perform repetitive tasks for hours on end to achieve things in MMOs? Quest and mob grinding, I hate you. You punish my optimism for great adventure by sending me on a carousel of tedium. MMORPG grinding is all the same even if developers fluff it up. Completing tasks that are only enticing for their extrinsic value is a surefire way to turn my mood sour. The pain of grinding is only exacerbated by old school hotbar style combat. It’s really not that complicated to rotate the same abilities for every fight until an enemy dies.

hardcore mmo grinding sucks morpheus image

Like a sucker, I keep trying out new MMORPG releases expecting something different. To… Continue┬áreading

If MMOs Were Board Games

It’s that time of the year where we all happily (or not) spend more time with our families and close friends. For us gamers, that time isn’t very conducisve to sitting in front of a monitor or TV screen. Those of you who happen to play World of Warcraft with mum or dad though, I’d love to hear about it. The rest are you out there are probably looking for alternative activities aside from listening to Uncle Frank’s conspiracy theories. Though 2016 may be a particular entertaining year for that…but I digress.

Board games have enjoyed a bit of a renaissance and many online gamers are finding joy in them. For almost every massively multiplayer game, there is a good offline replacement. If these popular MMOs were board games… Continue┬áreading