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Elsword small screenshot
If you are a Smash Bros fan then you will love this game. …Read Review


TERA small screenshot
A Korean twitch based action MMO, TERA offers fun combat with a dull questing system….Read Review

SAOs Legend

SAOs Legend small screenshot
SAO’s Legend is an unofficial easy-to-play browser based MMO based on Sword Art Online….Read Review

Bleach Online

Bleach Online small screenshot
Bleach Online is a fun, casual MMO based on Bleach with laughable translations and frustrating …Read Review

Fiesta Online

Fiesta Online small screenshot
Fiesta Onlineā€™s empower system boasts great customization, but an aging player base and pay t…Read Review

League of Angels

League of Angels small screenshot
League of Angels is a fun, casual browser based MMO that’s easy to get into but requires either…Read Review

Lost Saga

Lost Saga small screenshot
Fun 3D beat ’em up with great customization options and several game modes, hampered by a serio…Read Review


Aion small screenshot
Aion offers a true 3D flight experience and unique high level PvPvE gameplay that feels epic af…Read Review

Perfect World

Perfect World small screenshot
Perfect World is far from perfect but offers deep character creation and grand PvP battles….Read Review

Guardians of Divinity

Guardians of Divinity small screenshot
If you’re looking for an MMOARPG that doesn’t take a big time investment and can be played in a…Read Review

Twin Saga

Twin Saga small screenshot
Twin Saga is an upbeat anime-styled MMO with jobs, mobile housing, and other unique features in…Read Review

Echo of Soul

Echo of Soul small screenshot
Brings a fun set of PvE and PvP content without really changing the classic MMO formula….Read Review


ELOA small screenshot
ELOA is a well polished hack and slash MMO with a unique three stance mechanic for each class….Read Review


HeroWarz small screenshot
HeroWarz is a refreshing ARPG with a colorful cast of heroes that mixes MOBA, hack and slash, a…Read Review

Aura Kingdom

Aura Kingdom small screenshot
A cute anime MMO with a faster paced take on traditional combat and eidolons, Aura Kingdom is f…Read Review
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What Are Anime MMO Games?

This is our complete list of cartoon and anime MMORPG and MMO Games. This covers quite a large range of visuals from pure cartoons like you would find from Looney Tunes to popular anime MMO blends like Sword Art Online to cartoon stylizations such as in World of Warcraft. We know that these are not all the same thing, but we’ve found that many people searching for an anime MMO also research these related styles when seeking a new game.

For a while, cartoonish visuals were used to appeal to younger audiences such as children or families. However, that’s not always the case any longer as some of these games may be very dark. Ultimately, it depends on the MMO.

The bulk of anime MMORPG titles originate from Eastern countries such as South Korea and Japan. You’ll find that these games range from standard 2D art to cell shaded 3D graphics with an anime styling. Bright, colorful art is generally one of the mainstays of the games on this page. Accentuated characters and fantastical themes also make up important characteristics of these games. All of the MMO games that we review include screenshots so it should be easy to pick out whether the graphics style fits your needs.

From an animation standpoint, expect flashy combat skills and spells. It may be seizure inducing at times, but there’s no denying that these abilities are impressive. Even weaker abilities like a simple fire bolt can illuminate an entire cave. Fancy sword strikes and maneuvers can really allow players to embrace their heroic role Of course a move with a hundred backflips that doesn’t put a dent in an enemy’s health may be disappointing too. It’s important to simply take the animations as a show and not too think hard about the results.

One aspect unique to the anime MMO genre are extensive emotes. Think emoticons like smiley and winky faces on your phone with a lot more character. Emotions such as love, hate, anger, joy, goofiness, frustration, boredom, and more can displayed from your character. These usually don’t really do anything, but it can be fun for people who like roleplaying or just being silly with their friends.

Finally, anime MMORPG games share much in common with other games developed from the region. That means most of these titles are free to play, grind heavy, PvP/PvE blends of content, class driven, and offer several mount options. Because we also include related cartoon MMOs in this list of games you may want to read reviews to really grasp the full context of a given MMORPG. Of course, you can always just take the risk and click ‘play now’ instead!