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The Ever-Shrinking Gap Between MMOs and Other Genres

Over the past few years, there’s been a lot of concern in the MMORPG community about MMOs becoming less multiplayer. The worry is that an increased emphasis on solo-friendly content, smaller scale or more optional grouping, and other systems that aren’t as reliant on other players is stripping the genre of its identity.

A legendary skin drop from Overwatch's suspiciously MMO-like loot crates

But have you stopped to consider that this may well be a two-way street? Just as MMOs are becoming more like non-MMOs over time, so are other genres becoming closer to MMOs.

Spreading the MMO love

MMOs are famously addictive. Their penchant for repeatability, scale, and (nearly) endless progression makes for a perfect cycle of… Continue reading

The Division Beta Is Mostly Empty (But Maybe That’s Okay)

This past weekend, Ubisoft’s new quasi-MMO shooter, The Division, threw open the floodgates on an open beta test. Only a fraction of the game’s content was enabled for beta, but it was nonetheless enough to get a feel for what sort of game it is.

A screenshot from the open beta of MMO shooter The Division

Through the days of sniping, looting, and wandering abandoned subway stations, I was repeatedly struck by two things: how incredibly empty the game feels, and how I was enjoying myself despite that emptiness — or perhaps even because of it.

New York fallen:

First, the basics.

For those not in the know, The Division is a third person, cover-based… Continue reading