MMOBro is a lighthearted website focused on MMOs (massively multiplayer online games). About a quarter to a third of our content discusses single player games, but it’s extremely rare we deviate entirely from gaming.

The Bro AKA Chris has been keeping this site alive since 2016 and are looking forward to more good years. We strive to provide a combination of quality reviews with “at a glance” summaries so our readers can get to the gaming. Our regularly updated blog tackles a variety of topical subjects in the genre. If you want to talk to, we do respond to comments so get involved! But don’t spam us with spammy things. That’s not very bro-like.

Sometimes, we also pay writers for freelance work (like Tyler Bro and Ravanel Bro). Anyone or any gender can be a “bro” if you’re writing is up to snuff. If you’re interested then send us a delightful message. We’ll talk more about it through top secret channels.

You can reach the site owners directly at thebro[at]mmobro[dot]com.