A Norn thief in Guild Wars 2

Healing the Rift Between Player and Developer

Lately the gaming world is abuzz over the brouhaha involving Guild Wars 2 writers Jessica Price and Peter ...
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individualism vs collectivism

F2P is Individualism; P2P is Collectivism

In a genre dominated as much by raiding as it is by grinding for that next level, these ...
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A promotional image for the fantasy MMORPG Shaiya

The Impossibility of Playing Every MMO

An unfortunate reality core MMORPG fans have to deal with is that most of us will never have ...
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The updated city of Dalaran from World of Warcraft's Legion expansion

Five Ageless MMO Thrills

Some things just never get old. No matter how old we get, no matter how jaded we become, ...
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An Imperial agent character in Star Wars: The Old Republic

5 Most Influential MMO Innovations

You will often hear people complain that the MMO industry is stagnating. It's a criticism I myself have ...
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A player build in the late, lamented Landmark

The Case for Player-Created Content

It's been over a year now since Landmark shuttered, and lately, I find myself missing it a lot ...
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poe incursion altar

Path of Exile – Incursion League Sneak Peak

"It is a cruel joke that man was born with more intent than life." -Malachai The Preview Nearly ...
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A party of characters in World of Warcraft

Six Ways MMOs Can Make Leveling More Appealing

There has always been a vocal contingent of the MMO community that views leveling as nothing but a ...
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back in my day leveling

Rethinking MMO Death Penalties

Back in my day, dying was a complete disaster in any MMORPG. Anytime my health ticked down anywhere ...
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dragon awaken auto button

Character Skill vs. Player Skill

If there’s one key differentiator between MMO games and other genres it’s that character skill trumps player skill ...
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Executing an enemy in Star Wars: The Old Republic

Six Design Choices MMOs Should Retire

Often, tradition can be a good thing, but not always. Sometimes traditions can be onerous or destructive, surviving ...
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sea of thieves ship progression

Sea of Thieves Highlights Our Progression Obsession

Sea of Thieves is currently sitting on a 5.2 user score on Metacritic. The vast majority of complaints ...
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bless online bloody screenshot

Bless Online – #Hype or /Ignore

Bless Online is the next big MMORPG we’re getting our hands on. The May 2018 Early Access date ...
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black desert online cash shop

Black Desert Online: When Pay for Convenience is Pay to Win

I’m thankful for Black Desert Online’s cash shop for one reason – it exemplifies the notion that paying ...
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fry mmo alts

Should MMOs Encourage Altitis?

Fry doesn't know what to do, and very often I don't either. Altitis is a very "real" illness ...
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