A screenshot from Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Five MMOs That Have Changed the Most Since Launch

These days, classic and progression MMORPG servers are all the rage. That there's a demand for these things ...
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A cutscene from Riders of Icarus

Old School Grind Was the Real Participation Trophy

When people talk about modern conveniences in MMOs -- like more accessible gear and better quality of life ...
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A shaman in World of Warcraft, a class once known for its buffing skills

Exploring MMO Group Roles Beyond the Trinity

The "holy trinity" of tank, healer, and DPS always has been and likely always will be one of ...
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Achaea, a modern MUD

Five Turning Points of MMO History

The ever-evolving history of MMORPGs is a fascinating one. Sometimes I almost feel like MMOs are more fun ...
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An NPC in the MMORPG Bless Online

MMOs Are Healthy, but the Community Isn’t

There's always been a lot of negativity in the MMO community, and it's always bothered me. But lately, ...
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My Jedi knight alt in Star Wars: The Old Republic

Build MMOs for More Alts, Not Less

I like playing alternate characters. In fact I play alts so much the concept of a "main" in ...
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My character in The Secret World

The Secret to MMO Success

I had a realization recently. After years of playing and writing about MMOs, I think I've finally cracked ...
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Playing an Asmodian ranger in Aion's Awakened Legacy patch

The Importance of Stability in MMO Design

Lately I've been exploring Aion's Awakened Legacy patch. It's a massive revamp that's removed huge swaths of content ...
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Call of Duty Unlocks

MMOs Ruined Multiplayer Gaming

Here we are at year's end: a time to assess the best and worst games of the year ...
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Fighting open world mobs in Black Desert Online

Rethinking MMO Mobs

One downside of MMOs is that the sheer length of time we spend playing them can tend to ...
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A screenshot from the Path of Fire expansion for Guild Wars 2.

Exploration Is the Ultimate MMO Design Challenge

Insomuch as I put any faith in the Bartle player types (which is to say not very much), ...
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Quest text from Elder Scrolls Online

Six MMOs with the Best Story-telling

Story in MMORPGs doesn't have a great reputation. A lot of people think there are no MMOs with ...
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A Lightforged Draenei character in World of Warcraft

Factions Have Outstayed Their Welcome

The hype around Battle for Azeroth has once again brought the seemingly endless conflict between World of Warcraft's ...
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The moon rising over Stormwind in World of Warcraft

When Is an MMO Really Dead?

One of my favourite scientific mysteries is the debate over what constitutes death. You might think that's a ...
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A group flashpoint in Star Wars: The Old Republic

Comparing MMORPG Group Content

MMOs are, at their heart, about playing with other people. Even as a mainly solo player, I acknowledge ...
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