Why We Love Doing Dumb Things in MMOs

Kill ten rats, craft a linen hat and sharpen spearheads (0/20). Wow, cool stuff, let's login to the ...
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My sorcerer showing off her new outfit in Elder Scrolls Online

Six Features no MMO Should Launch Without

Lately I've been having a lot of fun with the new outfit system in Elder Scrolls Online. It's ...
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A character in the skill-based MMORPG Secret World Legends

Examining Class-based Versus Skill-based Progression

Normally one of the first things you do in any MMO -- or any RPG period -- is ...
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A demon hunter character in World of Warcraft

MMOs with the Best Class Options

Sometimes I hear people in the MMO community ask questions like, "How many classes is too many in ...
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We Need More D&D in MMORPGs

The RPG genre first sprouted when Gary Gygax (and lesser known Dave Arneson) created Dungeons and Dragons. It’s ...
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A Khajiit character in Elder Scrolls Online

MMOs with the Best Race Options

With World of Warcraft releasing early access to some of its new allied races, the concept of playable ...
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The Wrothgar zone in Elder Scrolls Online

We Have Enough MMOs

2017 was another year without a lot of big name releases in the MMO space. We're definitely going ...
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pc gaming mmo

Console vs. PC: Best MMO Gaming Device

PC gaming does it all. PlayStation is the ultimate gaming device. Switch to a Switch anytime, anywhere. XBOX ...
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World of Warcraft, one of the few games still maintaining a subscription business model

Subscriptions Are Still the Worst Business Model

With all the controversy swirling around lockboxes and other monetization strategies, I see an increasing number of people ...
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Exploring Saturn's moon of Titan in the MMOFPS Destiny 2

Niche MMOs Are the Future

In theory, it would seem like a good thing for an MMORPG to try to have as broad ...
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My oldest MMO character, my rogue, shows off her guild tabard in World of Warcraft

How Playing MMOs Changed Me as a Gamer

The end of the year lends itself to introspection, to looking back. This year I've been looking back ...
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Elk mount in the Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) (Source: ESO promotional image)

Christmas Without “Christmas” in MMORPGs

Read the following list carefully. What catches your eye? Selection of popular MMOs featuring an event around Christmas ...
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mmo blogging shadow of war

MMO Blogging Dead? No, But…

“blogging about them [MMORPGs] doesn't appear to be a thing any more.” Tobold, MMORPG blogger turned general gaming ...
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mmorpg health pools meme

Lowered Health Pools – More Fun?

I have some strong feelings about (most) MMORPG health pools. And like any good opinion, it can be ...
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A solo player in World of Warcraft

The Best MMOs for Solo Players

To some, "solo MMO player" might sound like an oxymoron, but in reality, soloists make up one of ...
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