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Are you new to SWTOR or are you considering giving the game a try? This article will guide you to the places of the galaxy you don’t want to miss. Join Ravanel Bro on a dazzling tour to five must-see planets in Star Wars: the Old Republic (SWTOR).

Note: this article contains spoilers from the Star Wars movies Episode IV – VI. It does not contain any story plot spoilers for SWTOR and is safe to read for players who haven’t yet finished the entire game.

SWTOR screenshot with the landscape of Alderaan, with pine trees, wild animals and snowy mountain tops

1. Alderaan

Star Wars fans will recognize Alderaan as the home planet of princess Leia, which is briefly shown from space in A New Hope before blown to pieces by the Death Star. SWTOR allows players to explore this planet almost 4000 years before the disastrous event. Juicy detail: Alderaan is not the peaceful planet Leia describes. Warring noble houses fight for control of the world. You can experience the noble power plays firsthand when helping House Organa or House Thul during planetary and class stories.

Must-see spots are the Elysium, the ancient place of Alderaan’s peace council high up in the clouds, and Organa Palace, the future home of princess Leia. Players visited the latter en masse at the end of 2016 during a player organized wake in honour of Carrie Fischer’s passing. Of note is also Alderaan’s unique transportation system of tamed thrantas. These peaceful creatures will fly you over the mountain tops. You will find plenty of opportunity to enjoy Alderaan’s mesmerizing mountain landscapes from dizzying heights. Finally, you are able to admire the indigenous animal that inspired Leia to call Han “scruffy-looking nerf herder”. Many friendly nerfs will cross your path during your travels.

Travel advice: Alderaan is a relatively safe planet, provided you keep your distance from competitive Houses and hostile wild animals. It is designed for players of level 28-32.

SWTOR screenshot of the landscape of Taris, showing ruins of large buildings overgrown with trees and wild rakghouls

2. Taris

Taris is a must-visit for every self respecting Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR) player. Three hundred years have come to pass since the events of KOTOR I and civilization is taking its first careful steps into recolonizing the planet. A vast wilderness infested with dangerous rakghouls surrounds small islands of courageous settlers. Must-sees are the crash site of the Endar Spire and the deserted pod races. Players can find out what happened to the people that went looking for the Promised Land (KOTOR I) during the quest Chasing History. But even if you didn’t play KOTOR Taris is worth visiting: the landscape features a beautiful mixture of lost civilization and lush wilderness.

Travel advice: Your safety cannot be guaranteed past the designated colonization camp perimeters. Tread with caution: rakghouls infest the wilderness beyond. Taris is designed for players of level 16-20 (Republic) and 32-36 (Empire).

SWTOR screenshot with the landscape of Voss, showing yellow grass, trees with red or yellow foliage, a rocky environment and a huge sun in an orange sky

3. Voss

Voss is often mentioned as SWTOR’s most beautiful planet due to its soft orange sky and autumn colored foliage. On top of that, it is unique to SWTOR: it is not mentioned in any Star Wars movie, game or book. The planet is inhabited by two races that are engaged in a conflict: the reclusive, force sensitive Voss and the tribal Gormak. The Voss’ houses are colorful and inspirational; much of its furniture can be acquired by the player for their stronghold. Recommended for visiting is the Shrine of Healing. This holy place holds a datacron that gives lasting power to players who have assisted the Voss with their troubles.

Travel advice: Voss is relatively safe to explore, provided you keep your distance to dangerous wildlife and hostile Gormak tribes. The Nightmare Lands in the northeast are said to turn explorers insane and are not to be visited without a guide. Furthermore, tourists should never touch the stone tablet in the Gormak Lands if they value their life. Voss is designed for players of level 44-47.

SWTOR screenshot with the landscape of Tatooine: a desert with rocks in the distance and one of the suns in the clear blue sky. Two banthas roam in the foreground.

4. Tatooine

Who isn’t in love with the two-sunned desert planet, featured in so many Star Wars movies? Sandcrawlers, jawas and sand people. Banthas, krayt dragon skeletons and a sarlacc pit that looks just like the one Boba Fett took a dive in… Tatooine has it all. Note that Republic and Imperial players land in a different area of Tatooine. Both towns (Anchorhead and Mos Ila) have their own feel, so it pays off to visit with characters of both factions. The Tatooine air balloon will take you on a stunning trip over the desert and might just reward players with something special. Wealthy players may buy a stronghold on Tatooine for 1,8 million credits, allowing for a permanent residence under the two suns.

Travel advice: Don’t venture too far into the desert or you might hit an exhaustion zone. Tatooine is designed for players of level 24-28.

SWTOR screenshot with the landscape of Zakuul: huge dark skyscrapers lighting up in the night

5. Zakuul

Only discovered recently, Zakuul is another planet unique to SWTOR. Located in Wild Space, this ancient and advanced civilization has managed to elude the gaze of the known galaxy for centuries. Architecture fans will find plenty to look at in the city, while lovers of nature might enjoy a hike in the Endless Swamp. The Palace of the Eternal Dragon comes highly recommended. Players can explore it during the Knights of the Eternal Throne (KOTET) story.

Travel advice: Zakuul is perfectly safe, unless you are an enemy of the Eternal throne; in which case you can expect to be regularly met by hostile skytroopers. Players need to own the Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion in order to gain access to the planet. It is designed for players of level 60-65.

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