• Well designed characters and world
  • Wide range of playable classes and subclasses
  • In-depth Pet System
  • Cute visuals
  • Fast leveling speed
  • Fair cash shop


  • Restricted amount of dungeons
  • Excessive amount of gold spammers and botters
  • Linear and recurring progression
  • Boring quests
tl;dr – A cute anime MMO with a faster paced take on traditional combat and eidolons, Aura Kingdom is fun but not innovative.

Aura Kingdom is a cute anime MMO game, developed and published by Aeria Games, the major North American free to play game publisher with millions of users all over the world. This is a medium player base 3-Dimensional fantasy Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, which was released on the 6th of January 2014. In this game, players will form agreements with commanding spirits, known as Eidolons. This cute anime MMO game is set in the green world of Azuria, the Jewel of Gaia, which is a world strongly alive. This MMO game is a bright, stunning game that offers a plethora of playable classes and talent options.

About the game

Aura Kingdom is a MMORPG game of hack and slash, in which players will come across fast-paced actions, marathon combo attacks, and influential magical spells. Players will travel to Azuria, which is a world on the brink of battle between the light and dark forces. The game consists of 12 diverse character categories, and a player has to choose one among them and join the battle as an Envoy of Gaia to protect the kingdom against commanding forces that try to find ways to destroy it. Players can call influential spirit companions, known as Eidolons, to assist them in their quest to overcome the dark soldier, Reindhart, and his soldiers of demons.

Features of the game

The Aura Kingdom is designed with beautiful anime stimulated visuals that appear dramatic.
The game is designed with 12 playable categories, with work advancements available at the 40th level.
There is an in-depth pet system in the game, known as Eidolons, which, in fact, assist players in combat. This cute anime MMO game also features an admirable range of mounts.
The Gliding System in the game assists players to cross the Azuria world quickly. Players are allowed to slide through the air starting at initial levels.
Players can find out the world of Azuria by successfully completing the hidden quests that can be particularly worthwhile.

Gameplay of Aura Kingdom

To commence their voyage as Envoys of Gaia, players have to choose one from 12 unique character classes. Each class concentrates on one kind of weapon, so players can choose a class that can best suit their playing styles. Players will be making use of their chosen playable class exclusively, pending they hit the 40th level. They are then offered the chance to choose a subclass from one among the remaining playable classes and they will have the opportunity to learn the skills of their selected secondary class. Once players have chosen their class, they are then steered to the Eidolon screen. Players have to initially choose from 4 Eidolons with diverse skills and stats. It is vital to note that Eidolons would share a fraction of their stats with players, so choosing the one that complements their character and play style is quite helpful.
Subsequent to generating a character, players are elated into the game world and run through a speedy tutorial on combat. Following the completion of the tutorial and acquiring an idea about upcoming things, players then get up in a bustling port city inside Azuria.
Similar to every other MMORPG game, Aura Kingdom uses quests to direct players from one city or neighborhood to the next while supplying them with equipment, money and necessary experience points. The quests contain the typical objectives of killing mobs and collecting items. Through quests and hidden quests to assist players along, leveling is a painless process geared towards casual players.

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