• Up to 20+ player raids
  • Soul system makes combat significantly more interesting
  • Detailed character customization features


  • Gameplay can get repetitive
  • Classes are locked to a specific gender
  • Only a handful of classes
tl;dr – Brings a fun set of PvE and PvP content without really changing the classic MMO formula.

Echo of Soul is a deep free fantasy MMORPG that was initially released in South Korea back in 2013. While the game itself does not bring any innovative features to the genre, it’s main focus centers around providing a fun PvE and PvP environment. This game is also one of the only client-based MMORPGs that actually feature a mobile App that players can utilize to manage their inventory and auctions, as well as to chat with other friends online.


Echo of Soul gives players the ability to choose from one of six different character classes which are: Guardian, Sorceress, Rouge, Archer, Warlock and Warrior. Unlike a traditional deep free fantasy MMORPG, this title does not feature a dedicated healer class. What this essentially does is to force players to utilize their class’s individual skills to support the team, as opposed to relying on a dedicated healthier. So while a guardian has the ability to heal the group and to attack other monsters at the same time, sorceresses can use their magic to increase the group’s speed as an Archer sings to boost the group’s stats as well.


This title offers the traditional point-and-click styled combat that players within the genre have grown accustomed to. However, while it offers the same type of combat that you would receive from a traditional MMO, it features a unique soul system which significantly enhances the title’s combat gameplay. Players can collect temporary souls from a fallen enemy as to which they can use to activate a temporary buff to their stats. Another feature about this game’s combat system that stands out is the fact that skills gradually become stronger if they are subsequently followed by a specific skill. For example, water based skills can become stronger if they are followed by a lightening based skill.

Players who are just starting out, need not worry about progressing slowly as a new player due to the fact that you can level up pretty quickly by completing all the quests that are given to you. The leveling system of the title is similar to that of most leveling systems within the genre, whereas players gain experience from completing quests and defeating monsters. However, as far as leveling up goes players will be able to progress through the ranks significantly faster if they focus on quests.


Here are some of the features of the title, that are worth noting:
• Infinite Dungeons – Opportunity to hone your skills and obtain additional items by being able to revisit dungeons that contain stronger versions of bosses that you have defeated.
• Magic Eggs – Players can acquire rare eggs as to which they can charge for ‘cash-only’ premium items.
• Unique Soul System – Players can collect and subsequently purify the depraved souls of their fallen enemies as to which they can use to craft rare items or to trigger various character buffs.

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