• Fighting game style combo driven combat
  • Accessible crafting
  • Nice anime visuals


  • Cash shop too strong and unbalanced
  • Very chaotic
tl;dr – If you are a Smash Bros fan then you will love this game.

Elsworld online is pretty cool game. If you are a Smash Bros fan then you will love this game. Yes as usual with games, if you are a regular or heavy gamer you will find a few issues with it. But don’t let that ruin your experience, it’s a cool way to interact with other gamers and pass sometime.

The positives of Elsworld is that it has really cool attacks and a great story line for each character, The crafting system of this game is very simple and easy to grasp, The game’s PvP is well done, as it is set up so that the gamer can interact with other players which heightens the gaming experience. The graphics and weapons are well done- some of the best anime games have seen. This is a cool anime type MMORPG, with a very interactive fighting system where different buttons can be pressed to create action combos.

However, some reasons you may not want to play if you even pick up on them: the screen can be a bit chaotic with so many players running around- which can be annoying if you aren’t use to it. For the free to play game you have many restrictions with weapon choice and costumes- which you normally would have to pay – which may be a deterrent. This also makes PvP unfair in that the few spending money on the game have access to better things so beating them becomes almost impossible. You simply lose before you start.

So if you are about to play this game in the free version despite it being unfair playing with paying players you generally have a good experience. Elsworld has its pros and cons but it’s worth it.

One thought on “Elsword Review

  1. GuiltyChaos

    Cash shop is far from unbalanced. YES, you need certain items to be as good as you can, and some are costly. But if you plan on competing in PvP, it would be your own fault not to level cap anyways which is free. While on your journey to level cap, you will earn plenty of ed (the in-game currency used) and can purchase item-mall items from other players for this ed. Do your daily secret dungeon runs and Henir runs and you will have a full set of the best armor and costumes you need.


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