• Good idle game (for work or passing time)
  • Nice graphics for a browser flash game
  • Familiar Diablo gameplay
  • No need to grind


  • Jumbled mess
  • Repetitive quests
  • Extremely P2W
tl;dr – Casual MMOARPG that doesn’t take a big time investment and can be played in a browser.

Guardians of Divinity is a browser based MMO flash game developed by China-based 37Games. It was released in early 2016.


Guardians of Divinity is an isometric browser MMO. The graphics are almost identical to Diablo 2. Gameplay is a traditional point and click, you click on a target with a mouse button to attack and skills can be cast by pressing the hotkeys. It’s pretty much your standard ARPG fare. If you’ve played Diablo (who hasn’t?) then you’ll grasp the controls of this game quite easily.

This game has 3 classes, and all of them are ranged for some reason. There’s the Warrior, contrary to the name he’s a mostly ranged attacker, his sword skills generate shockwaves. Then we have the Archer which should be self explanatory. And finally the mage, a character specializing in aoe attacks. Unlike most MMOs you can’t select your gender; all warriors are male while all archers and mages are females that are quite sexualized. I know sexualizing female characters in MMO isn’t anything new, but the character designs in this one looked like they came out from those old 3D hentai games such as those made by Illusion. And while I’m sure my 13 year old self would find them appealing, unfortunately I’m no longer 13.

As for the actual gameplay, well the game pretty much plays by itself. And I mean that literally. The game, by default, controls your character and automatically kills mobs, pick loots, and finish quests. It even switches to level grinding if you don’t have enough level to start the quest. They pretty much built a bot into the game. You can disengage the auto but I don’t really recommend it. There’s a lot of quests in-game and most of them are fetch this, fetch that, kill 20 mobs, kill the boss, repeat ad infinitum. It seems like the developers realize how tedious the quests are, and instead of fixing them, they made the game play by itself.

This game boasts that it’s an MMORPG playing a god. This is technically true, but pretty misleading. You see, you started as a god on the prologue but were banished as a mortal during the prologue’s event. Technically you’re no longer a god anymore. When you defeat a god you can take their power and morph into them, but you have to charge the rage bar and it is only temporary.

You can have a mount in this game, which you can evolve. It starts as a horse, and turns into a dragon at the highest tier. You also have a companion, a Saint that fights with you. Both of these can be upgraded by boss drop items and buying it outright using cash. Yes, this game is P2W, not only can you buy items with real cash, you can also instafinish quests at the highest possible rank by buying VIP passes along with other things. The only real saving grace for Guardians of Divinity abusing the free to play model is that it can be played very casually.

The Good

If you consider this game as an idle game, this game is pretty fun. It has nice graphics that reminds you of Diablo 2. The gameplay is also similar to Diablo 2, which I consider a good thing. It makes it easy to get into the game. Guardians of Divinity also reminds me of those private servers with inflated stats I use to play, where you just try to get as powerful as possible and wreck havoc. This game is pretty much like that. I heartily recommend this game to people that don’t like grinding but still wants to play an ARPG.

The Bad

It’s a jumbled mess. The interface is extremely messy and there’s a ton of options. There’s also way too many redundant features. There’s like 10 different ways to enhance your stats and items, and no I’m not exaggerating. It feels like the devs mashed as many different systems as they can together. The story is the same, it’s pretty much nonsensical but that can be forgiven as I don’t think anyone is expecting a coherent story. The quests are also extremely repetitive. They all fall under fetch quests, kill X mobs or defeat the boss type. The game also keeps advertising P2W options in your face. Pretty much every option in the game can be purchased using diamonds, the game’s premium currency.

Closing Thoughts

If you’re looking at this as a casual idle game, this game is pretty good. You even earn EXP while you’re offline. I admit it’s a good try for a browser based flash game and while P2W, you can still enjoy the game without paying. The fact that it’s a flash game is also pretty convenient; you don’t need to install the game so you can play it anywhere you want. Overall, this game is decent, even if it falls short in the “MMORPG playing a god” department.

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