• Fun game modes
  • Tons of heroes to choose from
  • Interesting and creative gear combinations
  • Easy to learn but hard to master


  • Very small player base
  • Toxic community
  • Mostly pay to win
tl;dr – Great 3D beat ’em up with tons of customization and game modes that’s sadly underpopulated.

Lost Saga is a 3D beat em up MMO developed by South Korean developer IO Entertainment.


Lost Saga is a multiplayer brawler/fighting game hybrid. The game boasts over 60 playable characters to choose from, each with their own set of skills and fighting style. There’s a variety of stages to choose from, each with varying themes and environmental conditions. Unlike most other fighting games, you are not limited to the character chosen at stage select. Players can easily switch characters as long as they are not under attack, by pressing the numeric keys on your keyboard.

Lost Saga is mainly played using a keyboard. Movement is done by pressing the corresponding arrow keys on the keyboard. Besides the arrow keys, pressing D will do a normal attack, S will defend, and A will cause your character to jump up, or pick up items on the stage. You can also press V to turn the voice chat on/off, M to type in the chat window, Scroll Lock to start/stop video recording, and Prt Scr to take a screen shot.

Besides normal attacks, you can also use 4 powerful skills based on your current gear. These attacks are initiated by simultaneously pressing a combination of aforementioned A, S or D keys. Each hero comes with their own default gears but these gears can be bought and changed out either through the cash shop, using the in-game currency called pesos, or by buying ZP credits with real money. Each skill has a cooldown period that can be minimized by upgrading that skill’s level.

The game has multiple game modes available. First there’s your standard mode like deathmatch, an 8 player free-for-all mode. There’s also a team match (the typical 4v4 mode), Champion for a traditional 1v1 fighting game mode, and Power Stone for a capture-the-flag mode. There’s also less conventional options such as Prisoner, with a goal to capture opponents and free your allies. Boss Raid, where you can transform into a boss and wreck havoc on your enemies. There’s also a Soccer mode, where you bounce a ball around the stage. Frankly, I enjoyed these unconventional modes most for their originality and increased replay.

By completing battles, Heroes can level up, which allows you to customize their stats and gears. As a result, the same hero can play differently depending on the player’s customization. Also, unlike traditional beat em ups, you don’t lose once your HP is 0. Instead, you’ll lose a piece of gear for every hit taken. After losing all of your gear, your hero will be naked, both figuratively and literally, and will die from the next punch.

The Good

This game is fun, especially on the more unconventional modes and there’s a lot of modes to keep you busy. There’s also a cooperative PvE mode, which is good if you don’t want to fight with other players. The customization is pretty great and allows some interesting gear combinations. If you are creative on the combinations, you can unlock some pretty interesting playstyles. The controls are pretty easy to get into, there’s just the arrow keys along with the A,S and D keys. Sort of gives an “easy to pick up, hard to master” vibe like Super Smash Bros. Lastly, it’s also pretty light on the system resources. Your traditional toaster computer can run this without a hitch.

The Bad

This is a multiplayer game, and that’s the problem. You know what multiplay games need? Players. There are very players in the game anymore except at peak times. The game really feels dead for the most part. The remaining zombie community of this game is extremely toxic and hostile to new players. If your idea of a good time involves being a punching bag for other players then this game might be for you. Even though this game allows you to buy everything in the cash shop, veterans of the game will still be at a higher level than you. This would be fine if the player base was begin enough to support better matchmaking. But as I said above, it’s unfortunately not.

Closing Thoughts

The game is really fun, despite what boils down to some pay to win elements. Lost Saga is certainly unique in providing a solid 3D beat em up MMO. But the lack of the players might sour your experience early on. If our review makes Lost Saga sound fun then do yourself a favor and play the game with some friends. It will be a lot more enjoyable.

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