• Full MMORPG experience from a browser
  • Large number of support characters
  • Automated moving/combat
  • Fast and easy leveling


  • Boring gameplay
  • Small number of classes
  • Automated moving/combat
tl;dr – Fully functional MMO playable from a browser that makes heavy use of automated actions.

When you first load up MageRealm, you’ll be given two important choices. You’ll need to choose between one of three classes and select a hero from a number of options. The heroes boil down to typical archetypes and mainly serve to create a party for the player. You’ll eventually recruit a second hero and a guardian angel to round out your group. Unlike heroes, angels do not sully themselves with combat. But they do grant powerful buffs to the player allowing you to overcome more difficult encounters and customize your party.

The interaction in MageRealm mainly takes place in the PvP arenas and in guilds. The guild system does a good job of encouraging players to work together. As the guild accomplishes certain tasks, they will unlock Sorcery Tech which grants guild wide buffs. PvP is rather limited with only arena based combat, but there is a neat option to make bets against other players.

The game also offers a nice achievement system. There is almost always something you can be trying to achieve and the tasks aren’t difficult at all. There’s some good customization options for a browser game, but l33t skillz have no place here. Rewards are also granted for achievements and are typically worthwhile, enhancing what is already a fast leveling game.

The game features a heavy dose of automated combat and movement. Whether you like that is going to be a personal preference. The game basically plays itself so the interesting gameplay comes from setting up your party and building your character. One might say grinding in MMOs is very tedious and doesn’t require much thought so it may as well be automated. On the other hand, some may not even see the point in playing a game that basically plays itself. The player can control their actions manually, but it’s rather unnecessary.

MageRealm is a game that’s going to generate some bipolar opinions. It gives players a full on MMORPG straight from their browser. That means players can log on and get some progression done from anywhere in the world (that has internet). But it’s also extremely mindless. The game could be open on a second browser with the player just clicking occasionally to start a new quest or get some upgrades. In the end, enjoying a browser based MMO like MageRealm comes down to preference for satisfying one’s demand for progression.

There’s not much else to it!

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