• Fun dinosaur escape mode
  • Shameless (but good) Counter Strike clone down to the gameplay
  • Relatively light system requirements


  • Rampant hacking
  • Extremely P2W
  • Prone to crashes on certain systems
tl;dr – Worth playing as a free version of Counter Strike with some new modes, but hacking and an unbalanced cash shop hurt its long term viability.


Piercing Blow is a tactical shooter, the one of many free to play Counter Strike clone. There are two factions in this game, the Free Rebels (Terrorist in CS) and the CT-Force (Counter Terrorist in CS). In most game modes, the two factions spawn on the different ends of the map. There are a multitude of map modes, each with different objectives. The game has four default free player models with an additional four deluxe models. The models are purely cosmetic.

Like CS, when you die you don’t automatically respawn, instead you have to wait for a round to end. The game also boasts destructive environments, which means you can blow up cars and barrels, and do piercing shots on the walls. Piercing Blow have 8 different game mode, they are AI Challenge, Demolition, Search and Destroy, Deathmatch, Sabogate, and Escape. There’s also a custom mode that allows you to pick one of the previous modes and restrict a weapon.

Unlike Counter Strike, this game have a quest/mission system which gives you rewards from successfully completing them. Think of it as an achievement system that gives you rewards for completing them. This allows you to get badges, exp, or weapons. Like most FPS, this game also has a rank system. You start as a lowly recruit and can climb up to Command General. Each time you climb up the rank ladder, you get bonus credits depending on the rank. This game is P2W, and weapons can’t be bought outright. Instead you can only rent them for X quantity of days, or buy it in packs that self destruct after one game use. So if you buy a 100-pack weapon, after one game it will turn into 99, etc. This game also has a skill system. You can buy and equip up to 3 skills per character. Most of the skills are stuff like faster run/walk speed or increased defense.

One of the unique game modes of Piercing Blow is Escape. Under escape mode, one faction are humans while the other faction are dinosaurs. Yes you heard that right, dinosaurs. The objective of the humans is to escape, and the dinosaurs’ goal is to prevent the humans from escaping. The game also have an AI Challenge mode, which allows you to play against computer controlled opponents. This mode is pretty much a practice mode and doesn’t affect your overall kill/death ratio.

The Good

The escape mode is pretty fun to play. After all, who can say no to dinosaurs. The fps gameplay is also pretty good, the movement, the recoil pattern, everything seems to be pretty much copied from CS. This is a pretty shameless CS clone, and frankly there’s nothing wrong with that. Better than randomly changing stuff and messing up the gameplay. So if you want to play CS but don’t have it for some reason, this game would work as an inferior substitute. Especially if you suck at FPS but still want to play one, this game is perfect for you, as long you pony up cash. There are a lot of advantages you can buy with real cash in this game. Another advantage of this game is that it’s pretty light on system requirements. It’ll pretty much run on your average toaster pc.

The Bad

The game is unfortunately pay to win. Like I said above, you can’t own a weapon outright, you need to rent them. And while you can grind for them, there’s very little point to do so since they’re temporary and buying it from the cash shop is faster. The weapons are also horribly unbalanced, which is probably intentional so the users would pony up cash for the overpowered weapons. The game is also full of hackers, and the developers don’t seem to be winning the war against them.

Closing Thoughts

So is this a fun tactical shooter? It is for a time, but unfortunately the massive pay to win bonuses and hackers are really detrimental to the long term fun factor. This is especially true if you’re into competitive MMOFPS games. I mean you can even buy extra health with cash. Does that sound fair to you? The only advantage this has over Counter Strike is that this is free to download and start playing.

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