• Impressive soundtrack
  • Large playerbase
  • Modern war subject should appeal to some


  • Dated graphics have inadequate appeal
  • Cash shop sells power
  • Nothing new except the setting
tl;dr – A solid if uninspired modern era strategy MMO.

Soldiers Inc. is a browser-derived massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game developed and released by Plarium Global Ltd., an Israeli video gaming giant with a vast following in Russia. This is a mercenary MMO game, which was released on the 1st of August 2013. The game is a 2-Dimensional strategy MMO game, which is available on Facebook as well as from internet browsers.

About the game

Soldiers Inc is a medium player-base game, which is set in Zandia, a state traversed with battle. In this mercenary MMO game, players has to assume the character of a Commander, hired by The Syndicate, a black ops association, with instructions coming from a character with the codename, Mr. Black. Assigned with protecting natural resources, players have to fight for monopoly on the lands of Zandia by building and upholding a base, constructing their army and attacking their opponents.

Players will construct their individual base in the deserted, resource-wealthy Zandia. They can improve structures, enlarge their borders, employ military forces, join Combines, and capture resources from their enemies. They can bolster their ranks with various unique units, specializing in protection and offense, improving them with the skill tree system of the game. Players have to complete their objectives to develop their small base to a reckoning force, making their mark in the history while they lead their military to dominate the entire land.

Features of the game

• The unique PvP feature in this mercenary MMO game allows players send recon units into their enemies’ bases to collect information earlier than attacking them for resources.
• The game is equipped with a super voice acted storyteller called Mr. Black.
• The game is designed with retro, top-down isometric explicit in an apocalyptic setting
• The game offers player the option to construct their army with three types of units, such as defensive, offensive, and recon.
• The game allows a player to form coalitions with other players to plan colossal attacks against their enemies.

How to play the game?

Players in the Soldiers Inc. game start the game with a necessary base, equipped only with essential structures. Mr. Black, the local tutorial character in the game, inculcates players on the significance of collecting resources and on the way to construct structures, providing Diamonds, which is the premium currency of this mercenary MMO game, as remuneration for achieving objectives. Mr. Black is a full voice narrator who acted with immense sound quality and capable voice acting, adding a superior level of immersion than is typical for the genus. He guides players through the crucial setup of the game, explaining Combines, Contracts, battle, resources and other tactic game mechanics, finally tapering off, letting players make their individual gameplay options. Like in common browser tactic games, in this Soldiers Inc. game, a new player protection is offered for three days or pending the player hits the 3D level.

Players in the Soldiers Inc. game can recruit three kinds of units to fabricate their armies, such as defensive, offensive and recon.

Defensive units are used to protect points, having high defense and boasting very low ability to attack.

Offensive units concentrate on attacking the base of other players, having extremely high offensive skill and extremely low protective skill.

Recon units are usually not used in the battle, and they are chiefly used to collect information about neighboring bases. They can notify players on the type and amount of units protecting a base, which is supportive in constructing an attack plan.


Soldiers Inc. is one more solid game from Plarium Global Ltd.,, coming from a series of trendy, addicting massively multiplayer online real-time strategy games that use the similar formula as that of the Stormfall: Age of War, Sparta: War of Empires, Total Domination, etc.. The voice acting quality and the music in the game are of an immense standard, making this game more attractive than some of its rivals. Furthermore, user interface of the game is obviously less cluttered, but its graphics do not stand out for individuality, though they do their job well in the game.

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