• Standard good browser graphics
  • Easy to master and play
  • Good character builds


  • Looks generic
  • Plays generic
  • Bad support
tl;dr – Soulcalibur Online is a fairly generic browser MMO but with Soulcalibur characters to make it fun.

SoulCalibur Online is an exciting free-to-play action game that has been developed and published by GameSprite. This MMO gives the players opportunities to battle with different kind of foes as they progress in the game.


In most action based games the players need to fight enemies so that they can progress into the next levels. This is also what happens in this free-to-play game but there is more freedom to create different kinds of characters. You have the freedom to choose one of the four characters which are Nightmare, Tira, Siegfriend and Ivy. The character you choose will perform according to how you control the game.

In this game the enemies becomes harder as the game progresses. It is your responsibility to ensure that your character has the gear and abilities to face the enemies effectively. In the game there is an opportunity to earn money which you can use to buy the things you will need while facing the enemies. The amounts you earn give you more freedom where you are able to access more options when playing. This is also helpful because it encourages you to try and earn more money as you progress. But if you concentrate very much on making more money you might lose focus on the main objective of the game which is defeating the enemies in the various levels.

On SoulCalibur Online you do not have to pay anything while playing. You just need to have a device that can support browser play such as any old computer. This is a major advantage of this game since it opens its doors for more people to play. To play the game you need to have a game profile with the relevant information. Getting a profile is simple where you just need to get into the official website and signup. You will get a username and a password which are the ones that you will be using whenever you want to play. You will even get guidance on how to play especially if you are playing for the first time. But the best way to learn how to play this game is practicing on a regular basis.

This free-to-play game comes with standard high quality browser game graphics which lets you see everything clearly. But at times you feel as you are playing a comic book game because of the design of the players. You can either play against the opponents that are brought by the system or you can player against other players like you. In case you experience a problem you can always ask for assistance from the support team. But there are times when it takes relatively long for the support team to respond and this can reduce the thrill of participating in this action game.


The Good

One of the main positive aspects of this game is that you have the freedom to design your character depending on how you want. If you are good in this game you will be able to create a character who will be hard to defeat. You will also get more money which will give you more freedom to purchase the various things that you might need.

Another positive thing about this game is that it is easy to master. You do not have to be an expert so as to know how to play the game effectively. You will get guidance on the steps to follow so that you can become a strong player. If you practice for a relatively short time you will easily become a top class player.

The graphics and controls of the game are also superior. While playing you get to see everything clearly and this makes the game more interesting. You will also be able to control your characters more efficiently which will make it easier to defeat the enemies.

The fact that SoulCalibur Online is free-to-play further makes it a suitable game to be played by almost anyone. You just need to accept the terms and conditions of the game to play effectively.

The Bad

Even if the graphics are superior the design of characters makes them look like they are taken directly from a comic book. This can be a downer considering that there are some free games whose characters look almost real.

You can also experience problems contacting the support team which means that at times you will have to wait until the problem you have is resolved. But it is evident that SoulCalibur Online is an exciting and enjoyable game provided you play in the right manner.

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