• Great and fair freemium system
  • Fun combat
  • Multiple costumes
  • Cute races


  • No real story to speak of
  • Lack of weapon/armor variation
  • Development feels like more time is spent on new costumes than new content
tl;dr – Twitch-based action combat, skimpy costumes, tough boss fights, and fair cash shop describe TERA.

TERA is a korean action MMO developed by Bluehole Studio first released in 2011. It turned free-to-play in 2013 and has been improving ever since.


TERA is a twitch based mmo. Unlike traditional point-and-click mmos, battles in TERA are done in real time. Battles are done in third person action style, where you have to dodge, aim your crosshair, and time your attacks manually. There are 7 races, each with their own unique appearance and racial traits.

The races, are, to put it in one word ‘varied’. First, you have generic races like humans and high elves. Then you have the unconventional races like the Aman, a race of humanoid dragons, the Baraka, some kind of giant dwarfs and the Castani, a race of humanoid demons. But then you have the extremely weird races: the Popori, which are giant walking stuffed toys and the Elins, a race only composed of little girls. Especially popular are the Elins, the race of eternal lolis loved by the anime fandom far and wide.

The game has 11 classes, each with their own gameplay style. Unlike the races, the class types are pretty traditional and self explanatory with names like Archer, Berserker, Priest, Warrior and so forth. I’m not going to bore you with details but if you’re an avid RPG gamer you won’t be confused by the classes in this game. Fun fact: The Elins were so popular they were given their own unique class, the Reaper.

The Good

First of, the game is honest-to-goodness free to play, there are no hidden fees. There’s a cash item shop but it mostly sells purely cosmetic items and items that aren’t really necessary for game progression. No, there are no OP weapons/armors you can buy. The closest to P2W items you can buy are EXP boosts. Yes, despite being a F2P MMO, this games isn’t pay to win. It’s a miracle, I know. Well it’s not really a miracle, they found something better to sell than P2W items: the company subsists by selling costumes to Elin players that like to play dress-up with their characters. The twitch gameplay is really fun, it makes you feel like you’re fighting the monsters in real life and not just calculating stats.

The Bad

Are you one of those players that really enjoyed the R in RPG? Do you enjoy reading the game lore, or following the quest storyline? Then, I’m afraid you wouldn’t like this game. TERA is extremely lacking in the storyline department. In fact, don’t expect a story at all. Then there’s the quests for EXP. Well, they’re all bland and repetitive. They’re all fetch quests or kill X of one type. There’s also a severe lack of weapon/armor variation. Not only do most of them have similar functionalities, most of them are just the same rehashed texture over and over again. Unfortunately, the devs only care about making more costumes.

One thought on “TERA Review

  1. Dark Phantom

    Lacking on a lot of things, Community is toxic, servers constantly failing, asking for help in world chat is like calling someones dying lovable grandma something terrible repeatedly, game is badly run by GM’S & Devs, & If you are not Elite paying player everyone treats you like total garbage, you have ANY opinion or way of doing things then you are trash to them. WORST Community Ever! WORST run servers ever! WORST overall play ever!


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