• Diverse and unique classes
  • F2P but not P2W
  • Club worlds are fun to play with friends
  • Voxel style MMO style is unique


  • Grindy as hell
  • Devs afraid of testing new things
  • Intermittent server lag
tl;dr – Trove offers some great features brought on by virtue of its unique status as voxel style MMO.

Trove is a popular free to play Voxel style mmo by developer Trion Worlds. It was released at Steam on July 9, 2015 and is rated pegi 7.


What happens if you take the sandbox gameplay of minecraft, added stuff like player classes, raid bosses, rpg style loot drops and turned it into an MMO? You get Trove.

At its core, Trove is a multiverse sandbox. There are multiple worlds to visit, depending on your level. There is a central hub world that have various portals to different adventure worlds. Adventure worlds are where you will spend the majority of the game. They are the unknown frontier, the world you go exploring to, gathering mats and leveling your char along the way. You can also build on them but all changes are temporary. These worlds aren’t persistent, only lasting as long as there are people in it.

There are two playstyles, Melee and Ranged, and each have a multitude of subclasses. On the melee class we have the Knight, Dracolyte, Neon Ninja, Candy Barbarian, Tomb Raiser, Lunar Lancer and the Revenant. On the ranged we have the Gunslinger, Fae Trickster, Ice Sage, Shadow Hunter, Pirate Captain, Boomeranger and the Chloromancer. Nearly all the classes have their own unique playstyle. As you can see, the most traditional (and boring) class is the knight. Unfortunately, you also start as one. All the other classes are unique and pretty fun to play. As an example, the dracolyte class can turn into a motherfucking dragon. Sadly, most of these classes are locked at the start, requiring you use a Class Coin item or buy it with Cubits (the game’s standard currency) or Credits (the premium currency that you get from paying with real cash).

Since most worlds aren’t persistent, Trove has a cornerstone system to compensate. Cornerstone is a 16×16 block of land riddled across the hub/adventure worlds. You can claim this block of land by pressing E. Inside the cornerstone, any structures you build are automatically carried with you across multiple worlds. You just claim an empty cornerstone and your previously built structure will appear on it. Another system the developer added are club worlds. Club worlds are persistent and are administered by the player that created the world. Its a complete sandbox, you can build anything in it without worrying of the 16×16 limit. Think of it as a guild base on traditional MMOs, except that instead of a castle you get an empty world with which to build your base.

Crafting is also an important aspect in this game. Nearly every item can be crafted but unlike minecraft, you need to unlock the recipe first. Recipes are unlocked by leveling the crafting professions in-game, and you level them up… by crafting. Yes, they can get grindy as hell.

The Good

It’s fun. Exploring adventure worlds, finding a dungeon and raiding it is fun. Building your cornerstone base piece by piece is fun. Creating or joining a club world and building large scale structures on it with your friends is extremely fulfilling and fun. Did I mention the game is fun? Also unlike other free to play mmos, most of the items on the cash shop can be gotten from chests. It’s not a pay2win game. Yes if you buy the cash items you will get stronger faster, but this is an action mmo and most of the game isn’t pvp. The classes all have their own playstyle and bosses are pretty unique and fun to fight with.

The Bad

There’s a lot of grinding involved and I mean a lot. Literally everything you need to do in this game requires grinding. Building your house requires grinding, crafting items requires grinding. It gets really boring after a while, especially if you’re alone with no access to a club world. The server can also get pretty laggy depending on your location and the time. The devs aren’t really incompetent, but you can tell that they overextended themselves and don’t know what their doing anymore. They’re afraid of adding new gameplay mechanics, preferring to add new items instead.

Closing Thoughts

Trove is a fun game. If you like minecraft and wanted it to have a fun adventure mode with diverse character classes you will enjoy this game. But if you enjoy minecraft for the creative mode builds, this game isn’t for you. Literally everything in this game requires grinding. If you play this game I suggest joining a club asap and you will enjoy this game a lot more. You will still be grinding a lot, but since you’ll be grinding with friends, the grind gets a bit less boring. So for those who played Minecraft and wanted a fully fledged voxel style MMO, Trove is a solid choice.

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