• Can employ a sort of parkour lite when they are navigating through levels
  • Solid cooperative missions and gameplay
  • Very high production value
  • Myriad of melee and ranged strikes available


  • Very grindy for new warframes and gear
  • Some missions are too easy while some are too difficulty
  • Enemies and scenario layouts tend to feel repetitive
tl;dr – High quality mission-driven MMORPG that fluidly blends ninjas, parkour, and guns.

The story base of this game concerns the Tenno, a race that is on the point of extinction in addition to their soon to be masters, the Grineer. The Tenno are clad in a distinct titular Warframes, an ancient performance enhancing exoskeletal technology that they only have the capacity to perform. Many different suits lie dormant through the stars where they will be found or naturally purchased using a plastic card by those players who lack the time, treasure hunting spirit and mostly patience while playing. The core of Warframe’s combat is rather straightforward since this is a third person where the player will wield just two primary weapons and one melee weapon to use against foes who will contently come right at you.

Warframe and Gameplay Variety

An example is the Banshee suit which has some really awesome sonic attacks and acoustic target detection that favors a stealthy approach, while the Saryn’s venomous assaults makes it effective against any organic enemies. It can also shed its skin to develop a decoy. Warframe platinum experience points increase in power and upgrade its capacity after a while, because a player can only quest through the game’s stages with a maximum of three players. Also, a player’s weapons, that is, two for shooting and one for melee, level up along with the player, and the appeal here is centered around the mixture of Diablo style loot drops that involves better weapons, suits and maybe cool material to craft them altogether and also the long winding option that showboats the managing of your peers.

When a player levels up their weapons and armor, they better their power and can also unlock new mod slots which is the process of starting to exchange to a completely new level weapon which of course is trickier. Warframes, according to convention, employ two varieties of virtual currencies where credits are usually collected during the missions from downed enemies and platinum should always be purchased with the player’s money from their small starting pot are spent for about 4p per unit. New suits are also available outright with platinum, or their blueprints purchased with credit, and this requires a subsequent scour of the universe for any other component to allow the player craft their suits manually.

Final Verdict

Warframe is meant to be played a cooperative game so if you have a few friends for a 4 player mission based sci-fi MMORPG this might be a good one to look at. The narrative presented is also a strong and compelling experience. Playing with friends might end up being a necessity though. For purely free players, there is a lot of grinding involved to get new warframes. Hanging out with people you enjoy gaming with will make the time pass a lot faster, especially since there are some great team driven missions.

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