• Stunning and distinctive spell animations
  • Cross-generational gameplay
  • Kid-friendly
  • Surprisingly strategic combat


  • Costly crown shop
  • Restricted free zone
  • Lacks some of the social features of other MMOs
tl;dr – Wizard101 is a magnificent game that brings kids into the more extensive MMO world. Moreover, while dad and mom are at it, they are supposed to call grandpa and grandma to get them started, as well. The game is good and fun for people of all ages. For this meticulous niche, the family-leaning, cross-generational player, there is no superior game on the market nowadays than Wizard101.

What is wizard101?

Wizard101 is a family-affable, kid-focused massively multiplayer online game, developed and released by KingsIsle Entertainment. Though there is no matter that the game has a lot to devote to adult players, even veteran MMO players, the information remains that the game play is designed to be eye-catching and painless to learn for players of all ages. All indications of the game point out the fact that the game is still becoming strong, the expansion continues and that new material is continuously being included to the game. This MMO game capitalizes in some respects on the craze of Harry Potter, which has been going on for more than a decade now. Players assume the character of a student wizard at the Ravenswood Academy. However, during training, things start to go erroneous and talented students are asked to start investigating the odd events.

About the game

Playing in Wizard101 is a throwback to the turn-derived role-playing games of the past, but with a distinctive KingsIsle twist. While entering an encounter, a maximum of four monsters and four wizards will come across a spell-casting circle. From there, players have to use a deck of identified spells from their school of specialism and, or spell cards procured from a vendor. In each round, all players have to choose the spells that they will cast and after that, the cinematic plays out with the spell cartoons for each chosen spell of the monster and the player. The game is very simple and fun to play. The only required thing is that players should have high tolerance for observing the same spells repeatedly.

For adults, the aspect of this game play is terrific because up to a minute is used up in completing the spells of each player and the monster that provides time to toggle out, verify email, get the infant a fresh bottle or head to the lavatory.

The Wizard101 MMO game has been designed with all the required features that veteran MMO players anticipate, including mounts, housing, pets, farming, accomplishments, chat, constructing, etc. One among the most amazing feats of the Wizard101 game is that it has been the created as a cross-generational family game, which can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It is no doubt that this MMO game has brought dissimilar groups of people as one in a fun and attractive way that all can enjoy.


The graphics in the Wizard101 game are most likely some of the best for an online MMO game of its age. The game is very pleasant to the eye with vivid vibrant colors and striking environments that belie the first impression that they have diminutive detail. Although it’s not in the same style as an anime MMO, those who are a fan of that styling should still enjoy Wizard101’s graphics. One slight knock against it is that this game is demonstrating its age a bit with rather blocky models. It is not disturbing, but it is perceptible.

Pros and cons of the game

Some of the pros of the Wizard101 game include constant content development, stunning and distinctive spell animations, cross-generational game play and kid-friendly. There are also some cons in the game that include crown shop can be costly and restricted free zone.

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