• Teamwork is practically a must
  • Design and sound
  • Rock-paper-scissors balancing


  • Lack of map diversity
  • Slow methodical combat will be a turn-off to some
tl;dr – Combines teamwork and realistic naval sim combat for strategic minded gamers.

Multiplayer online gaming is definitely the future of video games. This phrase became very much clear when all of the leading game developers decided to turn their focus to online gaming and try to involve so many people possible on the grid. After World of Tanks was introduced back in 2010, it caused a revolution and game developer Wargaming received international praise and the game broke many Guinness World records for attendances, downloads but also number of online players, which at the time being around 80 million.

Now, Wargaming has decided to take another jump in the same franchise, by first introducing World of Warplanes and then the much awaited, World of Warships. Although the gameplay follows the same pattern as the previous two (just with battleships now), World of Warships is interesting with great effects, terrific sound and great options for quality online ship based warfare.

In the World of Warships you have several classes and naval ships to choose from. The classes vary from destroyers, cruisers, aircraft carriers and battleships. The navies are all the same, whether from America, Germany, Japan, Soviets or the British. Of course, the game uses the “rock, paper, scissors” philosophy when it comes to battleships. All of the vessels have some strength and weaknesses,. For example, some warships are fast and sleek, but are damaged easily while other are big and strong, but slow, allowing the opponents to hit it pretty easy. In the ultimate battle, the goal is to destroy all of the enemy navies or occupy a territory on the map for a determined period of time. Just like in the previous installments of Wargaming, the players are assigned to random teams and need to work together in order to defeat the opponents. One player cannot simply dominate alone.

World of Warships is not as dynamic as its predecessor and the movements are slower, but the attacks are fast enough to be fun and interesting. Since the boats are slower, the World of Warships is all about the positioning, especially since the combat area does not differ a lot. Most levels have only the open sea with some small islands as part of it, so there is a lot less cover and stealth with your ships than tanks in the company’s popular World of Tanks. Though there’s certainly a real time, action oriented component, World of Warships comes across more of a strategy game than an action game.

The design and sound of World of Warships is truly impressive, although the game can be run on even weaker configurations. When hearing a torpedo or a massive blast from the battleships, the sound will astonish you. As for the graphics, since the surrounding is pretty much all water, the developers took the freedom to design the boats to absolute perfection and it’s amazing how good they look. Over the time you can even improve your ship with additional features, and it becomes a very realistic MMO.

Although the game follows the freemium model of gaming, this is relatively playable without paying for anything. Sure, over the time you might get bored by the limited number of vessels, but with each and every team different, it can pick up from there. World of Warships is a great game and definitely the next big thing in the multiplayer genre and if our calculations are correct, it might catch the players from World of Tanks also.

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