• Good graphics for a flash game
  • Fun shooter gameplay
  • Skylab system makes ore/credits grinding a breeze
  • Fun PvP if you have cash


  • Extremely pay2win
  • Credit is almost useless
  • Useless leveling system
  • Unbalanced PvP if you don
tl;dr – Expansive 2D space based browser MMO but PvP is unfair without spending cash.


Dark Orbit brings traditional point and click gameplay into a space browser mmo. It has a top down display, akin to space based shooters like asteroids. Combat in Dark Orbit is real time, you click an enemy ship to lock on to the target, then you press the numeric hotkeys to fire your weapons at the target. There are various resources strewn around the field map which you can pick by left clicking on them. By killing the random marauding mob spaceships you gain credits, which you can use to upgrade your ship with new components and weapons. After upgrading the hangar, you can also buy multiple ships.

To help with the grind, each player have their own skylab. The skylab is your own manufacturing/mining space station. It automatically mines, collect, and refine ores which you can sell for credits, or you can use it as materials to build items in the Tech Center. For most players, the skylab is going to be their main source of income.

This game has an item shop. Unfortunately, most of the items require Uridium, the game’s premium currency. While it is possible to obtain Uridium from the field, you might as well stop trying. Uridium drops are rare and even if you get one, they only net around 1-10 Uridium. It’s not really worth it. They are a pittance compared to just buying them with real cash. Yes, this game is pay2win. Extremely pay2win.

There’s also a pilot skill system in game but you don’t train them by leveling up. You need log-disk to take them. Log-disk is a rare drop from boss. You can also get them from completing a galaxy gates. Or you can just give up and buy them with Uridium. I did mention this game is pay2win right?

Then there’s the Galaxy Gate. For ‘only’ 100 Uridium you can spin a Gate Generator for ‘free’ items or parts of a galaxy gate. Complete the galaxy gate parts and you will be sent into an instanced map where you fend yourself against multiple waves of enemies. If you successfully did, you are rewarded with items.

The Good

Despite the pay2win aspect this space browser mmo does have fun gameplay. Combat is similar to old top down space shooters like Star Control. For a flash game, the graphics are pretty good, every ship design is different and its nice seeing the drones revolving around your ship after you purchased them. The skylab system is also a nice touch, thanks to that, you don’t have to grind credits that much. Also when you die, you don’t lost the ship, you respawn with it on the home base. The game also has a lot of players, making the PvP in this game fun and varied, but you can really only enjoy it you’re decked out in p2w gear.

The Bad

The really excessive pay2win. Sure you don’t have to worry about credits, but there’s very little you can buy with it. Literally 90% of the items in the shop can only be purchased with Uridium. While you can grind for it, it will take you literally months of tedious work to do so. To put it in perspective most of the items require 10,000 to 100,000 Uridium to purchase. You only get 1 Uridium from the resource boxes randomly strewn around the field map. The level system is also not worth it. The only thing a level does is to unlock new maps. You don’t get stronger from it. Even if you unlock the higher tier pvp maps, you’ll just get obliterated by players from a different faction decked out in p2w gear. Unless you’re a masochist, literally the only way to become strong in this game is pony up cash and go p2w.

Closing Thoughts

Dark Orbit isn’t a bad game. But it isn’t a good game either. Beneath the p2w mechanics there is a fun space browser waiting to be experienced. Unfortunately, the only for you to enjoy it is to go p2w yourself. If you have a fat wallet and are willing to pay up this isn’t a bad game to play. Everyone else stay away.

One thought on “Dark Orbit Review

  1. Lapazjim

    When this game first started it was a great game to play and very addicting.Now however it has essentially become a pay to play game due to the fact you will go nowhere if you don’t. It can be done,but it will take you a very long time and you will be killed repeatedly by the other players that are in Multi company clans and are extremely more powerful than you.When it comes to events the same thing occurs.The multi company clans will take it over and not allow you t participate in the event.Dark Orbit is aware of this problem,but does nothing to solve the problem which has cost them the loss of a large number of players.Their only concern is to keep the money players happy –so much so that they are essentially afraid of rocking the boat by ridding the game of the people who have cheats and the so called merges they have proposed.It has been around 8 months or so since they stated they were going to merge several servers which would put more payers in each.Yet being cautious not to have the $$$$ players cry.From what I see this merge will never occur and the game will still be unfair.Recomendation:Find a different game that is fair and allows players to advance without spending hundreds of dollars.Not to mention the uneven play that occurs.These older players do not want you to advance as you might threaten them.


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