• Combat is engaging and equally visually appealing
  • PVP is one of the biggest strengths of the games so PVP enthusiasts will not be disappointed
  • Various classes who each have distinctive abilities


  • After a while
  • players may feel as if they are completing similar quests repeatedly
  • Limited amount of dungeons
  • Lack of innovation (nothing new far as the genre goes)
tl;dr – The only good Diablo clone playable directly from your browser.

If you have been on the lookout for a good browser MMORPG this review is for you. In this post we’re going to a detailed look at Drakensang Online a prime example of what a good browser MMORPG should be. Drakensang Online is a medieval web-based fantasy themed MMORPG where players thrive in a world that can best be described as being catastrophic. In this world of turmoil, heinous monsters that crept from the crevices of the dark realm wreak havoc in neighboring territories.


Since the prince’s disappearance, rumor has it that the mighty Dragon is hell bent on destroying the human race as the battle between man and beast rages on. Players have the opportunity to step into the role of a heroic Spellweaver or Dragon Knight, who is on a mission to finally end this chaos.


Initially, players start out with various quests to partake in. Non playable characters are positioned through various villages and will give players multiple quests that ultimately lead to the completion of one specific mission. The tasks themselves typically involve relaying messages, killing monsters or the acquisition of items. For example, one minute a player may be collecting fish by slaying Bog Beasts in Darbmoor while another task may have players slicing through annoying gremlins.
Combat in itself can be intense and players are commonly ambushed by some 30 – 70 monsters as they traverse through various terrains. The creatures that players we will face are extremely aggressive as well. As such, similarly to Diablo’s hack-n-slash concept, players will be constantly clicking to drive off waves of devilish gremlins, ogres, skeletons and other magic wielding creatures. While combat itself, is aggressive and fast past, it can get repetitive at times.


From the very moment that you choose your character, the game presents itself as a visual feast. The world itself is portrayed realistically, yet it consists of various fantasy elements. In fact, once players spend at least 5 – 10 minutes in the game, they can see for themselves that the developers spent an abundance of their time on color pallets and environmental design to ensure that players experience diversity as they travel throughout the various zones. This concept of creating a visually appealing gaming environment, ultimately spills over into spell effects as well as the animations that are associated with the three classes, all of which are varied. Meaning that, regardless if you choose to be a spell weaver who causes the ground to be pulverized by a sudden burst of lightening, or if you choose to be a dragonkight who can fend off an onslaught of monsters by whirling his blade in a circle, the visual effects of the game is just incredible.


As far as the social aspects of this game’s multiplayer features, it consists of the typical expectations such as chat, guilds and groups. The game also features a friends’ list as well as a group interface that displays miscellaneous information like other players’ health. However, regardless of your level or your intentions, rest assured that you will be able to effectively communicate with other players when it comes to partaking in a group related event such as group dungeons for example.

As far as the PVP portion of it goes, for a small fee, players can register for ‘World PVP’ which gives players the opportunity to combat other players that are out in the world on a PVE server. It’s also worth noting that there are PVP servers where PVP actions occurs all the time. However, in general the options players will have are either a 1v1 duel, 3v3 team deathmatch as well as a 5v5 capture the flag event.

Drakensang Online is a very respectable diablo clone and makes for a good browser MMORPG.

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