• Vast and expansive world
  • Healthy player-run economy
  • Strongly built world
  • Extensive tutorial


  • Steep learning curve
  • Despite tutorial it is not really new player friendly
  • Many pay-to-play elements.
tl;dr – Creates a virtual world to live in where much is possible but requires players to buy into its real money currency.

Entropia Universe is an implicit universe massively multiplayer online game developed and released by MindArk PE AB MindArk PE AB, a software company in Sweden. The company is recognized for developing, selling and operating the 3-Dimensional MMORPG-like online games. MMORPG refers to Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, meaning a very large amount of people can play a game simultaneously. The game is designed with a micropayment system, which offers things and property in the game with real currency value. Players can make money playing MMORPGs, such as Entropia Universe, which was released on the 30th of January 2003.

About the game

Entropia Universe is an MMO imitation game that aspires to imitate realism in a science fiction background. By making use of the micropayment system of the game, players can deal with real money for the in-game money, known as PED or Project Entropia Dollars. They can use this currency at a swap rate of 10 PED per US dollar. The payment scheme of the game indicates that things in Entropia Universe encompass a real money value and this MMO game can be played with the aim of minting money. To go into the universe, players devise their character by making use of the profoundly creation system and choose their world to start. They can socialize, discover, control mobs, reap resources, craft, hunt and mine are some activities available in the game for players. Like in real life, each undertaking needs resources that have a money value. To live in an extensive galaxy like Entropia Universe, players should work to make a livelihood.

Features of the game

• Items and property have a real money value at an exchange rate of 10 PED per US dollar.
• The game is designed with huge, unrestrained game universe with six sprawling worlds to travel around.
• There is a healthy in-game economy, which is run completely by players.
• The game offers players different ways to play, counting mining, hunting, trading, property administration, etc.
• In-depth personality creation in the game denotes no two characters appear the same.

How to play the game?

The Entropia Universe game and its planets are designed from the onset as a free to play mmo after the account registration. Then, players are incentivized to expend cash on in-game money to unlock supplementary options, such as buying skills, deeds, items, services and shares. Nearly all activities in this game need resources that must be procured, by way of firing armaments to drawing out for minerals. The game allows new players to swell their bank accounts by completing easy assignments.

When players start the game, it prompts them to choose one among many planets as their starting point, like ROCKtropia, Calypso, and Arkadia. The game does not provide players with any guidance on choosing a planet, and their choice decides what chances are available to them as well as how friendly their experience will be. Choosing the right planet will make or break their experience. Right from the start, it is clear that the game does not offer players any helping hand.

Living in Entropia Universe will need making money, producing or marketing something of worth that other players would like. Without introducing real money into the game, players’ options as a new player are restricted. If players are interested in the planet, then exploration is an easy and sufficient way to gather some items spread on the ground. However, players cannot run across green plains and anticipate discovering fruit, rocks or dung. They have to walk by pressing the letter Q. Things will not deliver on the screen when the character of a player is running. Marching across the field will reveal rocks, fruit, and dung, snuggled in the dirt, which can be chosen and sold on the Auction House, which assists players to explore things.

Moreover, PvP is accurately the same, such that players can substitute creatures to human players and they will have Entropia Universe player against player interactions. There are nominated PvP zones, so players shouldn’t be concern about getting lasered while scavenging for dung.


Entropia Universe attempts to create a virtual world for individuals to live in like Second Life. It is certainly interesting. Centuries from now MMORPGs, such as Entropia Universe and Second Life may be hailed as prophets for pushing the limits of technology and discovering the sense of realism. It is a polarizing practice, which you will either love or hate.

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