• A prime example of what an MMORPG should be
  • Even though the game originally released in 2003 it has been refined and polished so many times that newcomers will never be able to guess the game


  • The epic scale of the game can prove to be daunting to newcomers
  • Mechanisms of the game are moderately complicated
  • Due to the nature of the game in itself in the sense that players will be spending an abundance of their time traversing through deep space
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tl;dr – A space based MMORPG centered around on player driven economy, territory, and actions.

Eve Online has been regarded as being a prime example of how a monitor, PC and internet connection can lead you into a thriving virtual world. In this post we’ll take a look at what people regard as being the prime example of what an MMORPG should be.


Based on the fact that the game is over 12 years old, the fact that the developers have managed to keep it visually appealing is really intriguing indeed. Originally established in 2003, it was regarded back then as being a slightly emancipated, foster child of an MMORPG. However, as the years have passed, the developers have continuously updated Eve to the point where they it is now a dominant player within the MMO industry. From it’s colorful gas arrays, sweeping vistas and giant ships that viciously fires lasers at each other, Eve’s aesthetic value is undeniable.


Eve is the type of game where you can conduct quests in the morning, build your very own spacecraft for lunch and pretend to be an inter-galactic Flash Gordon by dinner. No other MMORPG has ever come this close to achieving this “make your own adventure” feature that essentially defines the MMORPG genre. Players initially start out with a small ship and zero credits. At this point, it is up to the player to determine the path that they will take which can lead them down a path of piracy or the establishment of a successful freighting-empire.

While newcomers may suffer from what players have come to call “Eve-istentialism” due to the share enormity of the experience that lies to be felt, the developers have been continuously refining their tutorials that are aimed at new comers which consist of teaching players about the mechanisms about the game.

At first glance, players may be initially confused about the fact that the game lacks a leveling system which is traditional to MMORPG games. However, the biggest indicator of success in Eve isn’t a player’s individual stats or current level, but rather the quality of the ship that they cruise in and the amount of money that they have accumulated as well. The path of which players have to take to gain riches as well as infamy in Eve, is entirely left up to them. This is due to the fact that the game was developed in a way, to enable various kinds of gameplay styles. For example, players can choose to progress through the game as a combat ready pilot, or they can choose to take the path of a docile mogul who is always looking for ways as to which they can get rich by any means possible.

Massive Team Play/Massive PVP Battles

Eve Online has also been regarded as being one of the last great MMORPGs that place a heavy emphasis on the multiplayer aspect of the game. If players wish to make it in New Eden, they will have to seek the companionship of a few friends. As a matter of fact, some of the most dangerous and visually appealing areas, require an extra friend or two. Additionally, due to the nature of the game itself, low security space (low-sec) enables some of the most thrilling and intriguing, instances of massive PVP battles that are known to this genre. From paranoid groups who are mining for the finest ores, to groups that are cruising asteroid belts so that they can ambush unsuspecting players, low-sec never provides a dull moment as far as massive PVP battles go. The freedom allowed to players makes for an amazing sandbox MMORPG.

Time Based Leveling System

EVE online utilizes a unique approach as far as to how a pilot can advance go. As opposed to accumulating XP as is the case with most MMORPGs, players essentially progress by accumulating skill points in real time. The amount of skill points a player will earn is dependent on the attributes that their character consist of. Each player’s account has the ability to train one or several pilots all at once. What’s so unique about their leveling system is that players can train a pilot’s particular skill regardless if they are online or not. It’s leveling system consist of 5 different skill ranks as to which a player collects skill points to move up through each rank from level 1 to level five. The player’s attributes determines how much skill points per minute a player will earn.

Eve Online is essentially a player drive MMORPG game that is centered on a space setting. With over 7,800 star systems that are connected to various star-gates and an abundance of moons, planets, stations, asteroid belts and wormholes that can be found in every single star system, players who invest their time in Eve will never run out of things to do. For this reason, on top of the fact that the game provides some awe inspiring visuals and invigorating gameplay experiences, we give it a solid strongly recommended.

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