• Supports extensive character creation
  • Unique setting
  • Epic PvP battles


  • Almost impossible to reach top level without spending some cash
  • Visually dated
  • Obscure and repetitive game systems
tl;dr – Perfect World is far from perfect but offers deep character creation and grand PvP battles.

Perfect World tries its best to honor its namesake as 3D fantasy game with a gorgeously designed world filled with fantasies. In the game, you create a character using innovative character creation system that helps you explore the game’s lush fantasy world. The game has two distinctive classes for every race and numerous playable races. Some of the races include Untamed Earthguard, Tideborn & Nightblade, Winged Elves, and Humans. Because of its large selection of playable classes and races, the game has established itself among the most in-depth free MMORPGs in existence.


When playing the game, the character can begin at any of the three different points of the sub-class/races he or she chooses. That includes the tank (WereBeast), the pet user (WereFox), the strong magic (Mage), the support character (Warrior), the ranger (Elf Archer) and the healer/cleric (Elf Priest). Every class possesses a set of skills that give the game a varied playing experience as compared to other MMO’s. The perfect world also has 100+ fantasy challenges that range from easy-to-kill tree-like creatures to big sea monsters. Dungeons or caves form the best place where players can fight monsters both small and large. Just like in many MMO’s, the perfect world has an ?item mail’ service, where players can buy certain game benefits. How is its service different from other games? The service is available as an option meaning you don’t have to spend to play the game. Luckily, you can relish the experience with innovations like pig face emotions, fireworks, and colorful costumes.


Perfect World game Skills are obtained at each level starting from a skilled master. They cost a particular amount of skill points and gold, for example, armor and some new items can be purchased from the numerous player stall or the various NPC characters. In the perfect world game, a player can get skills in any of the three professions namely pharmacy, armor and blacksmith. After getting the skills, the player can make new HP/MP pots, items, and weapons to sell or use. How do they make new things? By collecting the materials that the monsters drop and then using their acquired skills to complete the job. In case you want to purchase an item for the game, you can easily get it at an affordable price as you can amass a large amount of gold in no time.


All the quests in the Perfect World game are enjoyable and fun. Why? Because unlike in other MMO’s games, once you leave the area, you are not likely to go back (opting for a more linear gameplay). Quests range from just collecting the items to killing the boss’. Fortunately, you will never have to slay the same monster twice, and that keeps the game fresh all the time. Likewise, the world map of the game is huge and keeps changing from one point to another in such way that will make you feel like you are crossing a vast world. Another distinction from other MMO’s revolves around the fact that there is no high-level or low-level area in the game – the path takes the player all over the vast world.

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