• Freeform leveling system allows you to choose any class at any time
  • Mission based gameplay changes based on random objectives
  • Classless node system similar to Final Fantasy X
  • Training area gives players the opportunity to try out and subsequently swap out each class
  • Story is actually fairly well presented


  • Feels too familiar to typical MMORPGs despite the pros
  • Dungeon based missions can become extremely repetitive
  • World feels small because of short missions
tl;dr – God based free MMORPG with a classless system presents typical MMORPG formula in a new package

Skyforge is a game that centers around living the life of an immortal combat warrior who is tasked with the job of serving and protecting citizens from all over the world. With its action-based combat system, awe-inspiring visuals, gripping storyline of a god who has been cursed, Skyforge is the perfect solution for anyone who is looking for a brand new MMO destination that they can call home.


This games utilizes a limited action control scheme similarly to that of Guild Wars 2 and Wildstar. In SkyForge, WASD is used for moving, the RMB and LMB is used for performing alternative attacks or to perform combo attacks, while various keys such as 1 – 4 or ZXCV is utilized to execute various skills that the player unlocks as they progress through the game. SkyForge’s gameplay is a mix between traditional tab-targeting combat and action-based MMO combat. Meaning that enemies can be focused and targeted on by utilizing the cross-hair aiming, but game doesn’t require precise aiming.


Unlike most MMORPGS, the game does not focus on the traditional trinity of character classes such as the healer, DPS and Tank, as can be seen due to the fact that the game does not have a healer role at all. Instead, it is focuses entirely on utilizing offensive combat while dodging heavy attacks or to utilize defensive skills to reduce damage from each fight. In order for players to sustain their health throughout combat, they have to run over a health orb whenever they enemy drops them on occasion. However, the game does feature several distinctive classes such as the lightbinder class which can assist when it comes to buffing and de-buffing.

The point being is that, unlike other MMOs that require a great deal of time coordinated strategy and whose gameplay flows at a steady pace, this game is fast-paced and give players the ability to execute all kinds active and context sensitive attacks. As far as progressing goes, unlike other MMOs that focus on traversing from area to area, the games gives players the opportunity to access a global map that contains various zones as to which the player can access very early in the game. From this global map, players can either choose to partake in a squad based mission such as a 3 or 5-man party as well as to conduct a solo mission as well which range from open hunting missions, quest related missions, battle missions and PVP action.

Leveling System

As opposed to focusing on gaining levels, the games utilizes a ranking system that goes by the name of prestige. A player’s prestige is determine by several different factors which include the rank of their order, their progression on the Ascension Atlas and their equipment just to name a few.

The free to play system in Skyforge should suit most players. There is essentially a weekly EXP and money cap, but it’s very difficult to hit unless one plays MMORPGs with more of a hardcore mindset. This helps even out the leveling playing field, but players can pay to speed up their gains to make hitting the cap more of a realistic goal.

2 thoughts on “Skyforge Review

  1. sandra kleinschmit

    This game got boring real fast.It had no life to it.Just go there kill this,etc,etc.Nothing else really to do.Its still on my PC but I never play it.

  2. Donny

    I played this on Windows 7 for a long time. Now I can’t in Windows 10. They can’t seem to help fix the problem so I left . Support service contacted me once and I sent all info..never got back to me and closed the ticket.


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