• Huge community
  • Good interface
  • Solid narration


  • Cash shop sells power
  • Unattractive retro graphics
  • The game may not attract all
tl;dr – Combines the best aspects of all empire building MMOs, as long as you don’t mind pay to win.

Stormfall: Age of War is an online video game that is based on the browser strategy mmo game. The game is developed and published by Plarium Global Ltd, the leading gaming company in Israel. The game is set in the realm of Darkshine, featuring fortress structure, resource management and PvP fighting under the leadership of Lord Oberon, who is the guard of Stormfall. This online MMO game features retro two-dimensional graphics and an isometric camera angle. This browser strategy mmo game was released on Facebook on the 1st of November 2012, but it can also be played on other websites.

About the game

The Stormfall: Age of War game is set in an empire called Darkshine, which was formerly occupied by the huge and big empire of Stormfall. With only the leftovers of this empire, the task of a player to assume the character of the Lord or Lady to rise up and tactically craft a stranglehold that will lead the player to a new generation of the Stormfall Empire with the player on its throne. Players can join military forces through a League to collaborate with other lords and destroy the wicked Hordes of Balur, working jointly to recover the splendor of the past.


Stormfall: Age of War is a 2-Dimensional multiplayer online game which is accessible on the Internet browser. In this game, players can construct their individual medieval base, improve structures, and can attack opponents’ units by making use of those structures. Players can attack opponent bases through their military units, protect their own base, and be used to partake in group fighting through the League system of the game. Achieving objectives assigned by Lord Oberon will lead a player through the start of the gameplay and will function as a long tutorial.

How to play the game?

Similar to other browser strategy mmo games players in Stormfall: Age of War game start out the game by assuming the character of the Lord or Lady of a small metropolis under the leadership of a narrator, and in this game, the completely voice-acted Lord Oberon. At first, players are assigned with the construction of the building by making use of the build menu, finally moving onto dissimilar aspects of the interface, like battle, strengthening, and unit employment. Pop-ups and shimmering icons serve to steer the player to the game with mission-style progression and serves to assist novices get familiar with the feel of the game. Upon achievement, each mission recompenses units, experience, resources, and occasionally they will be rewarded with Sapphires. These are the premium currency of the game, which can be bought with the real world money.

Resources are the main source of money to continue moving forward in this browser strategy mmo game, and as such, should be handled appropriately. The game has three major resources, such as Iron, Gold and Food, which are created by Mines, Townhouses, and Farms respectively. These resources function as the basic need for most activities, including constructing structures and hiring units. There are some secondary resources, as well, such as Manarian Amulets that are exercised to call Vampire Units, such as Soulstones, which are essential to train Vampire Units, and lastly Sapphires, the major currency that can be bought with the real-world money or acquired from the quest.

Like other tactic games, the PvP mode assist players attacking cities and colonies is an efficient way of getting resources. At any specified time, players can have up to ten Raid Points, allowing them to attack other players ten times. The players will gain 1 Raid Point once each of the Raid Point is exhausted once in 2.5 hours until the total Raid Points reach 10.


The Stormfall: Age of War game is a fair accumulation to the browser-based planning genre, though the pay-to-win aspect of the game may make players less leaning to persist on playing after getting into the higher levels. Its two-dimensional, retro-designed graphics feel obsolete, but they do not lack in attraction, as some of the cartoons found in the home bases can be enjoyable, and the character representations are well-prepared. Enthusiasts of browser-based tactic games may unearth something to like in this browser strategy MMO game though.

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