• Unique setting and story
  • Great missions without typical MMO hand-holding
  • Dungeons with meaningful encounters
  • Strong character build flexibility (no preset classes)
  • Vivid and climatic illustrations and great music and sound


  • No character respec (an issue with how important weapon choices are)
  • Imbalanced PvP
  • Combat too slow for some
  • Quests involve a lot of running around
tl;dr – The Secret World’s immersion is leaps and bounds above any other MMORPG offering.

You start the strong story based MMO by picking your faction from among three mystery social orders. The Templars are, obviously, heavenly crusaders. The Illuminati are about influence and riches, and couldn’t care less who they have to control to get it. The Dragon look to discover haven of bedlam. After you make your toon and plunge into the game world, you’ll be treated to cut scenes that all basically take after the same story, however with shading and characters identifying with the group you’ve picked. Once you’ve traveled through the opening cut scenes, and a brief flashback experience that happens in Tokyo, you’ll head to your beginning city: London for the Templars, New York for the Illuminati, and Seoul for the Dragon.

In the wake of finishing a few missions in your beginning city you’ll be confronted with one of the all the more overwhelming assignments that The Secret World brings to the table the uninitiated: picking your weapon. While this may appear to be sufficiently basic, it has long-extend ramifications, the weapons you pick (you can prepare two in the meantime) will determine your overall combat capabilities. The game gives you a little direction so unless you’re either personally acquainted with MMOG class mechanics and ready to apply some educated guessing, or you’ve gotten your work done ahead of time, there’s a plausibility that you could wind up making some choices you lament. More on that in a minute.

You’ll begin your foray into The Secret World by going head to head against swarms of zombies and other undead. It’s a general enjoyable battle system, but if you’re expecting something along the lines of Funcom’s Age of Conan, you will be disappointed. The skill in The Secret World’s battle system involves selecting the best blend of seven dynamic and seven detached capacities to prepare on your hotbar. You’ll use capacities that manufacture assets, avoid your adversary’s ground-focused on assaults, and after that postliminary with an enormous detonation that devours those assets. You’ll toss utility in with the general mish-mash as you’re capable. It can get to be redundant as you beat through many swarms in Kingsmouth alone.

The Secret World allows you to battle that repetitiveness to some degree by making numerous form changes as the circumstance requires. Nonetheless, you’ll just be spamming a different arrangement of capacities. Luckily, all foes except the most basic will challenge you at every corner. All enemies offer their own sets of difficulties that can be interesting to strategically overcome. It’s a nice twist on the classic MMO formula, but action junkies might leave disappointed.

The Secret World is truly one of a kind. The immersiveness of the world is leaps and bounds above other MMORPGs with its well defined setting and strong story.

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