• Cartoony graphics add to the allure of the game
  • Various gameplay options that will keep players occupied
  • Focuses on providing a satisfying social experience


  • Various pay-to-win elements that can prove to be frustrating to some
  • Game progresses at an extremely slow pace
  • Interface can prove to be extremely complicated for new users
tl;dr – Old strategy game that is enjoyable with frequent updates, if players can get past the dated UI.

Travian is a user-friendly browser-based old strategy MMO that is set in the same universe as it’s strategy based counterpart that also goes by the name of Travian as well. However, unlike its strategy-based counterpart, it utilizes a more personal approach, whereas players are able to control a single villager, who continuously strives to expand and improve his/her village.

Gameplay Concept

Gamply in itself is restricted by what’s referred to as Occupation Points. Players get a maximum of 30 Occupation Points and need to spend it wisely so that they can gather resources efficiently. Occupation points can also be converted to action points which are required when it comes to playing multi-player based mini-games. As such, as far as the concept of the game goes, its evident that the developers wanted to promote a social experience where making new friends and having guests visit your village, plays a much larger role than the its turn-based combat action.

The principle of the game is that players have to use their skills and strategy to transform their sleepy village into a mighty empire. What’s so interesting about this concept is that as players progress, in order for them to become stronger than their competitors not only must they be proficient at combat, they have to be proficient at trading resources, supplying their villages with food and they have to be proficient at being a diplomat as well.


Even though the game was initially published in 2004, the developers continuously work to modernize the game yet they have been careful enough to ensure that the traditional charm that it originally consisted of, still remains. For example, the graphics of the game itself is significantly more detailed now in 2015, than it was when it was initially released back in 2004. Besides that, the graphics are more varied, colorful and have been optimized in a way that only enhances the title’s gameplay experience.


Thousands of villagers of real life players can be observed within close proximity of any given’s player’s settlement. When it comes to partaking on PVP based diplomatic missions or raids, players can utilize a multi-zoom map that offer complex and detailed information about the villages of their adversaries/companions. Besides that, this strategy MMO also features a hero system that entails hundreds of various quests and challenges for an individually customizable hero. Once players acquire valuable loot from a given hero based quest/mission, they can equip their hero from head to toe. This feature ensures that players not only have the ability to become more powerful and impressive as far as being a leader go, the game’s hero system enables players to subsequently sell their equipment and become incredibly rich in the game.

Even though Travian is a very popular strategy game that has been continuously updated to keep up with the times, the game is beginning to show its age nonetheless. On top of that, new players find it difficult to adjust to the interface of the game itself. It’s also worth noting that players will have no choice but to spend real cash, if they want to be truly powerful in the world of this old strategy MMO.

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