• Manifold realism settings
  • Wealthy PvE content
  • Amazing graphics
  • Varied vehicles to fight in


  • Dull ground battle
  • Menus are somewhat cluttered
  • Lack of information about the currency
  • Long grind for best vehicles
tl;dr – Ideal for war game enthusiasts, competitive PvP players, and history lovers.

War Thunder is a three-dimensional Second World War shooter game, developed and published by Gaijin Entertainment, the leading video game developer in Russia. It is a high playerbase, multiplayer shooter type of game, which was released on the 1st of November 2012. In this game, players will partake in large-scale fights on the ground as well as in the air. This ww2 flight sim (World War 2 simulated) MMO game offers both arcade and lifelike imitation style game-play to accommodate an extensive variety of play styles. Most interesting of all though, this realistic experience is all built into an accessible free to play MMO.

About the game

War Thunder is a ww2 flight sim online MMO game that offers both vehicular and aerial game play in a single package. The game features hundreds of accurate vehicles of the past, gathered from all the major countries participated in the World War II. This game masterfully succeeds a difficult balancing act by providing players with both an arcade style FragFest mode and supplementary delicate reproduction game play. Players seeking a rapid fix can jump into the action directly, whereas those in search of a traditionally accurate experience can expend more time in mastering the controls of each tank or airplane. The game allows players to research and buy more sophisticated vehicles for each country using either cash shop currency or in-game money. Battle queues in this game are quick and convenient, as well, allowing players to leave a palpable defeat and to enter a new match without hassle.

Features of the game

Some of the elite features of the War Thunder game include:

In the game, players are allowed to represent themselves as a delegate of one among the countries that involved in the World War II. They can decide to be a part of Soviet Union, Germany, Japan, Great Britain or the United States and explore their airplanes and tanks.

The Challenging Gameplay feature in the most realistic surroundings of the game, experience how tricky it actually was to fly planes during the Second World War.

The Historically Accurate Models featured in the game will make the history buffs to love the elaborate details of the planes and vehicles.

The game is available with the joystick Support and Gamepad that allow players to find the controller easily and they can respond what pilots perform with the joystick support.

The game is designed with a variety of tanks and aircrafts, meaning it not only features dedicated planes and vehicles, but it is also equipped with hundreds of them to modify and master.

How to play the game?

The players playing the War Thunder game have the option to participate in ground or aerial battle, with over 140 available tanks and more than 350 aircraft options. Game maps range from 65 x 65 km to the slightly frustrating 200 x 200 km and are mostly based around real stages of the Second World War, such as the Palau Chain or Stalingrad. Besides the option to fly a plane or drive a tank, players are offered with the PvP option that includes three kinds of gameplay, such as:

Arcade battles: This is the fastest and easiest game type. It supports a maximum of 32 players, divided into two teams, matched by the rating of the battle. Damage models, physics and controls are made simple. Manifold view modes, automatic reloading and an aiming support are available, which make this option the best mode for novices.

Realistic battles: This option is intended for experienced players, which needs players to go back to their base to reload, and to enforce more lifelike chemistry, aiming, and restrictions on tanks or aircrafts. Each team can use vehicles from one country only. This game mode also supports the rebuilding of historic battles, like Stalingrad and Midway.

Simulator battles: This game mode offers the real lifelike setting for players. It is intended for players who are seeking a real simulator experience. In this mode, first person views are only available and each plane and tank has unique features, derived from its real world equivalent. This mode comes with more realistic controls, such that players are supposed to use a joystick, mousejoy, or gamepad controls, instead of the mouse.

The game also has matchmaking, derived from the types of tanks and changes, providing players with competition around their talent level.


War Thunder is a MMO multiplayer combat game that has been designed with Second World War theme. Gaijin Entertainment has developed this game, which has also developed racing games, combat flight simulators and hack-and-slash action games. Among their creations, the War Thunder game is the most victorious game and has received positive feedback in general and it is growing in popularity. The game was probably inspired by the huge success of the World of Warplanes and the World of Tanks games of Wargaming. It is an ideal game for war game enthusiasts.

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