• Interesting theme
  • Realistic physics that make players feel as if they are driving a real tank
  • Easy to learn control scheme
  • Good blend of strategy and action creates satisfyingly paced combat


  • Gameplay can become repetitive
  • Slow progression from tier 1 to tier 2 tanks
  • Premium bullets can be taxing to grind for to stay competitive
tl;dr – Perfect for competitive players who like realistic and more methodical combat sims.

The World of Tanks is an online multi-player tank fps game that offers a fun gaming experience that’ll definitely be of some appeal to casual and hardcore gamers alike. It is categorized as a being a lobby game where players have to queue for battles.The battles themselves are typically short, ranging from 5-10 minutes and require a mix of situational awareness, reflexes, teamwork as well as military tactics.


As the name suggests, each player has the opportunity to control a tank. The tanks that are available consist of 10 different tiers and several nationalities. They also come in a variety of different size categories such as heavy, medium and light for example. Each player starts off with a selection of “Tier 1” tanks, which are the weakest in the game. But, as players accumulate money as well as experience, they can gradually upgrade and acquire more agile and powerful tanks.


The game itself is a tank fps MMORPG. As such, there’s a wide array of customizable options that are available. For example, as you gain experience you can spend it to upgrade your tank with more effective gear and weapons. The crew of the tank itself has a wide range of skills which can be improved as well. In addition to that, players can choose to equip an assortment of consumable gear that can restore health to a damaged crew member or repair any damage that their tank has sustained during the midst of battle for example.

Control Scheme

One of the things that’s so interesting about World of Tanks is the physics engine that it consists of as well as it’s simple control scheme. The physics engine does an excellent job of creating a real sense of bulk and mass, as is expected when it comes to traversing with a real life tank. Meaning that, players actually feel as if they are riding in a real life tank that has performance limitations in terms of speed and mobility. The control scheme itself is the typical WASD control scheme which is used for moving the tank, some number key commands which to do various things such as to utilize a repair kit or to swap ammunition and mouse motion which is used to control the turret on the tank.


Unless players are in a Platoon (friends) or a Tank Company (Guild), players can choose to pick a random battle as to which they will be mixed in with 14 or so random players on a single team. This team of players are then subsequently matched with another team of players that have tanks that are close in power to the opposing team. Map selection is random as well and maps range from narrow mountain passes, city streets and wide-open spaces that all feature small ground elements such as trees, fences and parked cars which can be crushed or run over. As far as the battles go, battles are usually tooth and nail, and very rarely can players complete a match with more than 2-3 survivors on their team because all it takes is one precise shot from an unforeseen opponent for your tank to be destroyed. However, this is usually not the case and tanks have to take several hits before they are destroyed.

Unique and firm within its place in the free-to-play world, World Of Tanks is a team-based tank fps MMORPG that mixes the concept of a traditional first person shooter with armored vehicles.

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