• Well balanced classes
  • Great raiding content
  • Lots of options for crafting PvP and PvE
  • High quality lore
  • Tons of instances


  • Low level of customization
  • Many dead areas to play in
tl;dr – World of Warcraft defined the genre and does all classic MMO components as well as any game.

World of Warcraft had a strong comeback moment with the release of Warlords of Draenor. The new release have reversed a trend of growing unpopularity, and pushed many former players back into the ranks of the enthusiast fans of this exciting game. Sine Mists of Pandaria was launched in 2012, this marks for the first time an impressive success for the creators of the World of Warcraft. Although the game never really lost its fantasy MMORPG crown, contenders have made it less clear cut. Recent and upcoming expansions seek to change that.

For the release of a game new expansion such a leap is not unexpected. However, the real surprise is the fact that it never happened at this magnitude. It seems something have really changed the minds of former players and the new expansion of the World of Warcraft game may finally have got its fame back.

With these expansions, the developers of the game are trying to reach some blending strategy of satisfying new as well as old players, as it was revealed by the lead game designer Ion Hazzikostas. He also added that the developers team are striving to keep the familiar feel for those gamers who used to play World of Warcraft from the start, while still coming with something new. They reduced differences in content and the gap between the game versions 5.4 and 6.0.

One of the notable returns to the roots of the game have been the Warlords. The new expansion is striving to go back to the origins of the Draenei and Orcs, exploring a world gamers were exposed to in the Warcraft 2 version. This creates a greater sense of exploration and freedom to the outdoor world and reduces the impression of linear storylines.

Players can feel fine to go off the beaten track and they’ can now explore in a quest to find treasures and secrets as well as new adventures and new encounters waiting for them. The new expansion comes also with new ways to interact with the world and the game, especially due to the Garrison. This sense of building up your own army and ownership in Draenor, as well as the added offline progression, are all new exciting experiences for the players of Warcraft.

Now Blizzard certainly have some plans and strategy to keep all this going. The two key areas planned to be developed with priority are focusing on community building and new contend released. This will ensure providing fresh challenges to gamers that can be played together with friends. Casual riding has come back with the new expansion. Raid and Dungeon Finders as well as questing features like Garrisons, brings a social component to the game play.

2 thoughts on “World of Warcraft Review

  1. L. Brown

    The new Legion expansion now requires all players to “experience” dungeons to obtain profession upgrades as well as in some cases proceed through some unbelievable long quest lines. The concept of blend is great, but the issue of forced dungeon play for those who dislike that aspect of the game was not well thought out. There are various cultures within WoW from collecting, obtaining exalted reputations, fun achievements, gathering and pet battles along with some who prefer only PVP and/or PVE. In all past expansions, the players were given options to join in whatever game play they enjoyed and could level professions to help support their game or their guild’s players. Since when does a game force players to participate in activities they do not enjoy and decisions are made by the Hazzkotas’ that either players comply to their mandates or lag behind others or find another game that offers options.Sad commentary for a game that always provided options and choices of game play in the past!

  2. Mary

    Exactly! Great review. For me it was the flying aspect of it . The game now makes you earn, over a course of a year+, to be able to fly, which for me, was the most fun in the game. Their reason for making it take that long is so players don’t miss out of the content on the ground. Why don’t they let the players make that choice!!..Also, I am not a big fan of dungeons (mainly due to the fact that if you are not all that good, folks get very mad at you and fuss at you in chat, or even kick you out) and i enjoyed professions and don’t wan’t to be forced to go in dungons to level professions.


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