Five MMOs That Have Changed the Most Since Launch

A screenshot from Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

These days, classic and progression MMORPG servers are all the rage. That there’s a demand for these things is a testament to how much an MMO can evolve over time. After enough years, it can almost feel like playing an entirely different game. But which games have changed the most since their initial launch? Let’s … Read more

Old School Grind Was the Real Participation Trophy

A cutscene from Riders of Icarus

When people talk about modern conveniences in MMOs — like more accessible gear and better quality of life features — inevitably you’ll have some people chime in that it was so much better in the good old days when people had to “work hard” to achieve things in games. The phrase “participation trophy” comes up … Read more

Exploring MMO Group Roles Beyond the Trinity

A shaman in World of Warcraft, a class once known for its buffing skills

The “holy trinity” of tank, healer, and DPS always has been and likely always will be one of the hot button topics of the MMO world. Often, when talking about ways to “fix” the trinity, we discuss removing tanks or healers (or both), but things can also go in the opposite direction. It’s also possible … Read more

Five Turning Points of MMO History

Achaea, a modern MUD

The ever-evolving history of MMORPGs is a fascinating one. Sometimes I almost feel like MMOs are more fun to analyze than they are to play. It’s a complex story that could fill volumes, but for today, let’s just take a look at some of the biggest turning points in the history of MMOs. Text MUDs: … Read more

MMOs Are Healthy, but the Community Isn’t

An NPC in the MMORPG Bless Online

There’s always been a lot of negativity in the MMO community, and it’s always bothered me. But lately, it seems to be getting worse, swallowing the community whole until there’s nothing left. I’m not saying there isn’t room to complain. Things aren’t perfect. While I think a lot of the concerns over monetization practices are … Read more

Build MMOs for More Alts, Not Less

My Jedi knight alt in Star Wars: The Old Republic

I like playing alternate characters. In fact I play alts so much the concept of a “main” in my case is nebulous at best. Bouncing around between different characters with different playstyles and aesthetics keeps MMOs fresh for me. Yet always I’m left with the feeling that playing alts is a case of swimming against … Read more